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How to find weblogic version in Linux?

Hi All,

I am able to find the weblogic version in Centos 7 by using below command
but i am not sure what is java -cp is doing in below command.

Can someone please help. unable to find info from java man page as well.

# cd /opt/oracle/weblogic/wlserver*/server/lib && java -cp weblogic.jar weblogic.version

WebLogic Server  Tue Nov 15 08:52:36 PST 2011 1441050

Use 'weblogic.version -verbose' to get subsystem information

Use 'weblogic.utils.Versions' to get version information for all modules

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AIRPORT2-PORTINSPECTOR(1)				      General Commands Manual					 AIRPORT2-PORTINSPECTOR(1)

airport2-portinspector - Port maps inspector for the Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station ("Snow") SYNOPSIS
airport2-portinspector DESCRIPTION
airport2-portinspector allows you to inspect the port maps used by the hosts associated with your base station. OPTIONS
airport2-portinspector accepts no command-line options. airport2-portinspector is a wrapper script around the PortInspector.jar jar file located in /usr/share/java/airport-utils. You can set the JAVACMD environment variable to use a specific JVM instead of the one chosen by the wrapper script. Set the DEBUG environ- ment variable to 1 to get the debug output from the wrapper script. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
DEBUG Set this variable to 1 to get the debug output from the wrapper script. JAVACMD The full path to the Java Virtual Machine to use. By default, the wrapper uses JAVACMD; if it is not set, it looks for JAVA_BINDIR/java, then for JAVA_HOME/bin/java before looking for a java executable in the PATH. In the latter case, the JVM used can be configured using the Debian alternatives system (see update-alternatives(8)). JAVA_HOME The full path where your JDK/JRE is installed. JAVA_BINDIR The full path to the directory where the java executable is located. JAVA_ARGS Extra command-line arguments to be passed to the Java Virtual Machine. AUTHOR
airport2-portinspector was written by Jon Sevy <>. This manual page was written by Julien BLACHE <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). May 20, 2006 AIRPORT2-PORTINSPECTOR(1)

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