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I have not noticed, when viewing, any notable slowdown our our use of Font Awesome.

In fact, when I just checked, it shows the FA fonts cached in memory, with 0 additional delay.

Ideas for a New Mobile Design-screen-shot-2019-11-27-35828-pmpng

I am guessing that those guys in that report you cited Akskay had their browser caching disabled in dev tools.

We use both Google Fonts and FA and I have never noticed any delay greater or less, then either one (after caching), so far. Of course, the initial loading will be faster depending on the CDN used and how those fonts are loaded, initially. If the Google CDN is faster than the FA CDN, that might be a factor in in initial load; but on the other hand, my experience is that networks change all the time (speed, performance), so drawing conclusions about loading time, can be very deceptive.

More importantly, is the caching, and after initial load, FB and Google Fonts (we use both) are cached in browser memory, and so are both very fast.
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imagefontheight - Get font height

int imagefontheight (int $font) DESCRIPTION
Returns the pixel height of a character in the specified font. PARAMETERS
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Returns the pixel height of the font. EXAMPLES
Example #1 Using imagefontheight(3) on built-in fonts <?php echo 'Font height: ' . imagefontheight(4); ?> The above example will output something similar to: Font height: 16 Example #2 Using imagefontheight(3) together with imageloadfont(3) <?php // Load a .gdf font $font = imageloadfont('anonymous.gdf'); echo 'Font height: ' . imagefontheight($font); ?> The above example will output something similar to: Font height: 43 SEE ALSO
imagefontwidth(3), imageloadfont(3). PHP Documentation Group IMAGEFONTHEIGHT(3)

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