Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Python: make dual vector dot-product more pythonic Post 303041222 by Neo on Monday 18th of November 2019 08:23:59 PM
pythonic is more about style and opinion than anything useful for producing a result.

Some sites like stack* in fact, close these kinds of threads and place them in the category of "primarily opinion-based" and close them, as follows:

primarily opinion-based - discussions focused on diverse opinions are great, but they just don't fit our format well.

Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert experience, but answers to this question will tend to be almost entirely based on opinions, rather than on facts, references, or specific expertise.
I tend to agree with this (from a technical perspective this site has never been about these types of "what is more perfect, or stylish or not" discussions - because this is mostly "opinion-based" which has little to do with day-to-day operational code). But if others want to discuss this, go for it.

See this reference:

Pythonic Code: Best Practices to Make Your Python More Readable

If anyone is interested in discussing, go for it.
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mlib_VectorDotProd_U8_Sat(3MLIB)			    mediaLib Library Functions				  mlib_VectorDotProd_U8_Sat(3MLIB)

mlib_VectorDotProd_U8_Sat, mlib_VectorDotProd_U8C_Sat, mlib_VectorDotProd_S8_Sat, mlib_VectorDotProd_S8C_Sat, mlib_VectorDotProd_S16_Sat, mlib_VectorDotProd_S16C_Sat, mlib_VectorDotProd_S32_Sat, mlib_VectorDotProd_S32C_Sat - vector dot product (inner product) SYNOPSIS
cc [ flag... ] file... -lmlib [ library... ] #include <mlib.h> mlib_status mlib_VectorDotProd_U8_Sat(mlib_d64 *z, const mlib_u8 *x, const mlib_u8 *y, mlib_s32 n); mlib_status mlib_VectorDotProd_U8C_Sat(mlib_d64 *z, const mlib_u8 *x, const mlib_u8 *y, mlib_s32 n); mlib_status mlib_VectorDotProd_S8_Sat(mlib_d64 *z, const mlib_s8 *x, const mlib_s8 *y, mlib_s32 n); mlib_status mlib_VectorDotProd_S8C_Sat(mlib_d64 *z, const mlib_s8 *x, const mlib_s8 *y, mlib_s32 n); mlib_status mlib_VectorDotProd_S16_Sat(mlib_d64 *z, const mlib_s16 *x,const mlib_s16 *y, mlib_s32 n); mlib_status mlib_VectorDotProd_S16C_Sat(mlib_d64 *z, const mlib_s16 *x, const mlib_s16 *y, mlib_s32 n); mlib_status mlib_VectorDotProd_S32_Sat(mlib_d64 *z, const mlib_s32 *x, const mlib_s32 *y, mlib_s32 n); mlib_status mlib_VectorDotProd_S32C_Sat(mlib_d64 *z, const mlib_s32 *x, const mlib_s32 *y, mlib_s32 n); DESCRIPTION
Each of these functions computes the dot product of two vectors, defined by the following equation: Z = X . Y* where Y* is the conjugate of the Y vector. For real data, the following equation is used: n-1 z[0] = SUM (x[i]*y[i]) i=0 For complex data, the following equation is used: n-1 z[0] = SUM (x[2*i]*y[2*i] + x[2*i + 1]*y[2*i + 1]) i=0 n-1 z[1] = SUM (x[2*i + 1]*y[2*i] - x[2*i]*y[2*i + 1]) i=0 PARAMETERS
Each of the functions takes the following arguments: z Pointer to the dot product of the two vectors. x Pointer to the first element of the first source vector. y Pointer to the first element of the second source vector. n Number of elements in the vectors. RETURN VALUES
Each of the functions returns MLIB_SUCCESS if successful. Otherwise it returns MLIB_FAILURE. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Committed | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |MT-Level |MT-Safe | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
attributes(5) SunOS 5.11 2 Mar 2007 mlib_VectorDotProd_U8_Sat(3MLIB)

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