Operating Systems HP-UX Configure X windows with both keyboard and USB barcode reader Post 303040900 by mnkaltenbach on Friday 8th of November 2019 12:34:02 PM
Configure X windows with both keyboard and USB barcode reader

Seeking guidance on adding a USB barcode reader (BCR) to an HP c3750 workstation with HP-UX 11.11 which is essentially configuring X windows to accept input from both a primary keyboard and a secondary keyboard that happens to be the BCR.

Historically, I have successfully added a BCR to an HP c3600 workstation with HP-UX 10.20 and a c3700 with HP-UX 11.11 by configuring X windows to accept input from both a primary keyboard and a secondary keyboard as stated above by adding the following lines to /etc/X11/X0devices :
Name    hp7lc2k.1               # USB Barcode reader driver name
Use     Other                   # This is an "Other" device
Path    /dev/hid/kbd_001        # Second keyboard device file

However, this does not work for the c3750. Adding the above lines to /etc/X11/X0devices does not appear to have any discernible effect on configuring X windows to accept input from two keyboards. A review of X windows generated logs shows no errors. X windows behaves as if no modifications where made to X0devices. The c3750 accepts input from either the primary keyboard or the BCR but not both.
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Barcode::ITF(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					 Barcode::ITF(3pm)

GD::Barcode::ITF - Create ITF(Interleaved2of5) barcode image with GD SYNOPSIS
ex. CGI use GD::Barcode::ITF; binmode(STDOUT); print "Content-Type: image/png "; print GD::Barcode::ITF->new('1234567890')->plot->png; with Error Check my $oGdBar = GD::Barcode::ITF->new('A12345678'); die $GD::Barcode::ITF::errStr unless($oGdBar); #Invalid Characters $oGdBar->plot->png; DESCRIPTION
GD::Barcode::ITF is a subclass of GD::Barcode and allows you to create ITF barcode image with GD. new $oGdBar = GD::Barcode::ITF->new($sTxt); Constructor. Creates a GD::Barcode::ITF object for $sTxt. $sTxt has numeric characters([0-9]). plot() $oGd = $oGdBar->plot([Height => $iHeight, NoText => 0 | 1]); creates GD object with barcode image for the $sTxt specified at new method. $iHeight is height of the image. If NoText is 1, the image has no text image of $sTxt. ex. my $oGdB = GD::Barcode::ITF->new('12345678'); my $oGD = $oGdB->plot(NoText=>1, Height => 20); # $sGD is a GD image with Height=>20 pixels, with no text. barcode() $sPtn = $oGdBar->barcode(); returns a barcode pattern in string with '1' and '0'. '1' means black, '0' means white. ex. my $oGdB = GD::Barcode::ITF->new('12345678'); my $sPtn = $oGdB->barcode(); $errStr $GD::Barcode::ITF::errStr has error message. $text $oGdBar->{$text} has barcode text based on $sTxt specified in new method. AUTHOR
Kawai Takanori GCD00051@nifty.ne.jp COPYRIGHT
The GD::Barocde::ITF module is Copyright (c) 2000 Kawai Takanori. Japan. All rights reserved. You may distribute under the terms of either the GNU General Public License or the Artistic License, as specified in the Perl README file. SEE ALSO
GD::Barcode perl v5.12.3 2003-05-29 Barcode::ITF(3pm)

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