Operating Systems Linux UNIX Utility Development Conventions? Post 303040894 by wisecracker on Friday 8th of November 2019 09:27:41 AM
Hi MonilGome...

I will add to vbe's post and say if you want any of your code, whether it be a shell script, a dedicated compiled executable or a separately interpreted script, to be portable then make sure it is POSIX compliant; also if it is a dedicated executable and you intend it to be used as along with other utilities make sure you include a piping facility.
For example: echo "3 + 7" | bc ...
Also 'zsh', along with 'ksh[93]', has floating point arithmetic; DO NOT take this for granted, POSIX compliant shells only have integer arithmetic ONLY - so beware.

As a hobbyist coder, this is just my 5 pennoth...

Test Your Knowledge in Computers #138
Difficulty: Easy
The Unix philosophy is a computer operating system idea that means the operating system provides a set of basic tools that perform a limited, well-defined function, a unified filesystem as the main method of communication, and a shell scripting and command language to combine modular tools to perform more complex workflows.
True or False?

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MC-TOOL(1)							     Utilities								MC-TOOL(1)

mc-tool - manipulate Mission Control accounts from the command line SYNOPSIS
mc-tool list mc-tool add PROFILE DISPLAY-NAME [PARAMETER-SETTINGS...] mc-tool add MANAGER/PROTOCOL [PARAMETER-SETTINGS...] mc-tool update ACCOUNT [PARAMETER-SETTINGS...] mc-tool display ACCOUNT DISPLAY-NAME mc-tool nick ACCOUNT NICKNAME mc-tool service ACCOUNT SERVICE-NAME mc-tool icon ACCOUNT ICON mc-tool show ACCOUNT mc-tool get ACCOUNT PARAMETER [PARAMETER...] mc-tool auto-presence ACCOUNT STATUS [MESSAGE] mc-tool request ACCOUNT STATUS [MESSAGE] mc-tool auto-connect ACCOUNT on|off mc-tool remove ACCOUNT DESCRIPTION
mc-tool's usage depends on its first argument (the "command") SPECIFYING ACCOUNTS Where an account name is needed, it may be given as a full object path (e.g. /org/freedesktop/Telepathy/Account/gabble/jabber/example), or as the unique account-specific suffix (e.g. gabble/jabber/example). SPECIFYING PARAMETER SETTINGS Many commands take arguments that represent Telepathy connection manager parameters (see the Telepathy Specification for details of these). Each argument has the following form: TYPE:NAME=VALUE where TYPE is either int, uint, bool, or string (other parameter types exist, but are currently unsupported by mc-tool), NAME is the name of the connection manager parameter (e.g. account or password), and VALUE is the parameter's value (with integers in decimal, and booleans as 0 or 1). The update command also accepts arguments of the form clear:NAME which delete the named parameter from the account configuration. LIST mc-tool list lists the available accounts. ADD mc-tool add adds an account. The connection manager and protocol can either be given as the name of a Mission Control profile, (e.g. gtalk), or as a slash-separated connection manager name and protocol (e.g. gabble/jabber). DISPLAY mc-tool display ACCOUNT DISPLAY-NAME sets the DisplayName property of ACCOUNT to DISPLAY-NAME. NICK mc-tool nick ACCOUNT NICKNAME sets the Nickname property of ACCOUNT to NICKNAME. SERVICE mc-tool service ACCOUNT SERVICE-NAME sets the Service property of ACCOUNT to SERVICE-NAME. ICON mc-tool icon ACCOUNT ICON sets the Icon property of ACCOUNT to ICON. SHOW mc-tool show ACCOUNT shows information about ACCOUNT. GET mc-tool get ACCOUNT PARAMETER [PARAMETER...] shows the values of the given parameters of ACCOUNT. ENABLE mc-tool enable ACCOUNT sets the Enabled property of ACCOUNT to True. DISABLE mc-tool disable ACCOUNT sets the Enabled property of ACCOUNT to False. AUTO-PRESENCE mc-tool auto-presence ACCOUNT STATUS [MESSAGE] sets the AutomaticPresence property of ACCOUNT to STATUS with optional message MESSAGE. REQUEST mc-tool request ACCOUNT STATUS [MESSAGE] sets the RequestedPresence property of ACCOUNT to STATUS with optional message MESSAGE; this is how you tell an account to connect or go offline, for example. AUTO-CONNECT mc-tool auto-connect ACCOUNT on sets the ConnectAutomatically property of ACCOUNT to True. mc-tool auto-connect ACCOUNT off sets it to False. Telepathy July 2009 MC-TOOL(1)

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