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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris 11 zone is not coming online Post 303040792 by ron323232 on Thursday 7th of November 2019 12:05:20 AM
Old 11-07-2019
I tried -C as well but it didn't work.
I did attach and detach too earlier, but no luck
root@tdr-db:~# zoneadm list -icv
  ID NAME             STATUS      PATH                         BRAND      IP
   0 global           running     /                            solaris    shared
   2 tdr-db2        running     /zones/tdr-db2_root        solaris    shared
   5 tdr-db2-3      running     /zones/tdr-db2-3_root      solaris    shared
root@tdr-db:~# zlogin -C tdr-db2-3
[Connected to zone 'tdr-db2-3' console]

tdr-db2-3 console login: root
Nov  6 21:01:45 tdr-db2-3 login: ROOT LOGIN /dev/console
Last login: Wed Nov  6 20:19:01 on pts/5
Oracle Corporation      SunOS 5.11      11.2    June 2014
You have mail.

Issue fixed : Had to restore SVC with /lib/svc/bin/restore_repository and select -seed- and that fixed the issue

Last edited by ron323232; 11-08-2019 at 01:51 AM.. Reason: Fixed
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MYSQLDIFF(1p)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					     MYSQLDIFF(1p)

mysql-schema-diff - compare MySQL database schemas SYNOPSIS
mysql-schema-diff [B<options>] B<database1> B<database2> mysql-schema-diff --help DESCRIPTION
mysql-schema-diff is a Perl script front-end to the CPAN <> module MySQL::Diff <> which compares the data structures (i.e. schema / table definitions) of two MySQL <> databases, and returns the differences as a sequence of MySQL commands suitable for piping into mysql which will transform the structure of the first database to be identical to that of the second (c.f. diff and patch). Database structures can be compared whether they are files containing table definitions or existing databases, local or remote. N.B. The program makes no attempt to compare any of the data which may be stored in the databases. It is purely for comparing the table definitions. I have no plans to implement data comparison; it is a complex problem and I have no need of such functionality anyway. However there is another program coldiff <> which does this, and is based on an older program called datadiff which seems to have vanished off the 'net. For PostgreSQL there are similar tools such as pgdiff <> and apgdiff <>. EXAMPLES
# compare table definitions in two files mysql-schema-diff db1.mysql db2.mysql # compare table definitions in a file 'db1.mysql' with a database 'db2' mysql-schema-diff db1.mysql db2 # interactively upgrade schema of database 'db1' to be like the # schema described in the file 'db2.mysql' mysql-schema-diff -A db1 db2.mysql # compare table definitions in two databases on a remote machine mysql-schema-diff --user=myaccount db1 db2 # compare table definitions in a local database 'foo' with a # database 'bar' on a remote machine, when a file foo already # exists in the current directory mysql-schema-diff --password=secret db:foo bar OPTIONS
More details to come; for now run "mysql-schema-diff --help". INTERNALS
For both of the database structures being compared, the following happens: o If the argument is a valid filename, the file is used to create a temporary database which "mysqldump -d" is run on to obtain the table definitions in canonicalised form. The temporary database is then dropped. (The temporary database is named "test_mysqldiff_temp_something" because default MySQL permissions allow anyone to create databases beginning with the prefix "test_".) o If the argument is a database, "mysqldump -d" is run directly on it. o Where authentication is required, the hostname, username, and password given by the corresponding options are used (type "mysql-schema-diff --help" for more information). o Each set of table definitions is now parsed into tables, and fields and index keys within those tables; these are compared, and the differences outputted in the form of MySQL statements. BUGS, DEVELOPMENT, CONTRIBUTING See <>. COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE
Copyright (c) 2000-2011 Adam Spiers. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. SEE ALSO
MySQL::Diff, MySQL::Diff::Database, MySQL::Diff::Table, MySQL::Diff::Utils, mysql, mysqldump, mysqlshow AUTHOR
Adam Spiers <> perl v5.14.2 2012-04-06 MYSQLDIFF(1p)

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