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awk array

Hello. I'm trying to figure out which one of these is not true about an awk array.

-You do not need to formally declare an array; it is created automatically on first assignment

-Array elements can only be addressed using an index

-A for loop can itterate over all indexes or keys in an array

-If an array element is accessed before it is assigned; the default value will be 0
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UASORT(3)								 1								 UASORT(3)

uasort - Sort an array with a user-defined comparison function and maintain index association

bool uasort (array &$array, callable $value_compare_func) DESCRIPTION
This function sorts an array such that array indices maintain their correlation with the array elements they are associated with, using a user-defined comparison function. This is used mainly when sorting associative arrays where the actual element order is significant. Note If two members compare as equal, their relative order in the sorted array is undefined. PARAMETERS
o $array - The input array. o $value_compare_func - See usort(3) and uksort(3) for examples of user-defined comparison functions. RETURN VALUES
Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure. EXAMPLES
Example #1 Basic uasort(3) example <?php // Comparison function function cmp($a, $b) { if ($a == $b) { return 0; } return ($a < $b) ? -1 : 1; } // Array to be sorted $array = array('a' => 4, 'b' => 8, 'c' => -1, 'd' => -9, 'e' => 2, 'f' => 5, 'g' => 3, 'h' => -4); print_r($array); // Sort and print the resulting array uasort($array, 'cmp'); print_r($array); ?> The above example will output: Array ( [a] => 4 [b] => 8 [c] => -1 [d] => -9 [e] => 2 [f] => 5 [g] => 3 [h] => -4 ) Array ( [d] => -9 [h] => -4 [c] => -1 [e] => 2 [g] => 3 [a] => 4 [f] => 5 [b] => 8 ) SEE ALSO
usort(3), The comparison of array sorting functions. PHP Documentation Group UASORT(3)

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