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Homework and Emergencies Homework & Coursework Questions Space delimited variables Post 303040374 by RudiC on Monday 28th of October 2019 06:33:14 AM
You can't have a delimiter occurring in your data. Use either a diffenrent delimiter (e.g. <TAB> = \t = 0x09), or an array.
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The SplTempFileObject class

The SplTempFileObject class offers an object oriented interface for a temporary file. CLASS SYNOPSIS
SplTempFileObject SplTempFileObjectextends SplFileObjectSeekableIteratorRecursiveIterator Methods o public SplTempFileObject::__construct ([int $max_memory]) Inherited methods o public SplFileObject::__construct (string $filename, [string $open_mode = "r"], [bool $use_include_path = false], [resource $con- text]) o public string|array SplFileObject::current (void ) o public bool SplFileObject::eof (void ) o public bool SplFileObject::fflush (void ) o public string SplFileObject::fgetc (void ) o public array SplFileObject::fgetcsv ([string $delimiter = ","], [string $enclosure = " o public string SplFileObject::fgets (void ) o public string SplFileObject::fgetss ([string $allowable_tags]) o public bool SplFileObject::flock (int $operation, [int &$wouldblock]) o public int SplFileObject::fpassthru (void ) o public int SplFileObject::fputcsv (array $fields, [string $delimiter = ","], [string $enclosure = '"'], [string $escape = " o public string SplFileObject::fread (int $length) o public mixed SplFileObject::fscanf (string $format, [mixed &$...]) o public int SplFileObject::fseek (int $offset, [int $whence = SEEK_SET]) o public array SplFileObject::fstat (void ) o public int SplFileObject::ftell (void ) o public bool SplFileObject::ftruncate (int $size) o public int SplFileObject::fwrite (string $str, [int $length]) o public void SplFileObject::getChildren (void ) o public array SplFileObject::getCsvControl (void ) o public int SplFileObject::getFlags (void ) o public int SplFileObject::getMaxLineLen (void ) o public bool SplFileObject::hasChildren (void ) o public int SplFileObject::key (void ) o public void SplFileObject::next (void ) o public void SplFileObject::rewind (void ) o public void SplFileObject::seek (int $line_pos) o public void SplFileObject::setCsvControl ([string $delimiter = ","], [string $enclosure = " o public void SplFileObject::setFlags (int $flags) o public void SplFileObject::setMaxLineLen (int $max_len) o public void SplFileObject::__toString (void ) o public bool SplFileObject::valid (void ) PHP Documentation Group SPLTEMPFILEOBJECT(3)

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