Contact Us Forum Support Area for Unregistered Users & Account Problems Don't receive confirmation mail. Post 303039495 by Unregistered on Tuesday 8th of October 2019 04:08:48 AM
Don't receive confirmation mail.

Hi Folks,

I just recently registered with the username _Kaede.
Unfortunately, I didn't receive any confirmation mail also not when I changed to another address.

Help is very appreciated.

Thanks and kind regards Smilie
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PUSH(8)                                                     BSD System Manager's Manual                                                    PUSH(8)

push -- fetch mail via POP SYNOPSIS
push [-5 | --krb5] [-v | --verbose] [-f | --fork] [-l | --leave] [--from] [-c | --count] [--headers=headers] [-p port-spec | --port=port-spec] po-box filename DESCRIPTION
push retrieves mail from the post office box po-box, and stores the mail in mbox format in filename. The po-box can have any of the follow- ing formats: 'hostname:username' 'po:hostname:username' 'username@hostname' 'po:username@hostname' 'hostname' 'po:username' If no username is specified, push assumes that it's the same as on the local machine; hostname defaults to the value of the MAILHOST environ- ment variable. Supported options: -5, --krb5 use Kerberos 5 (if compiled with support for Kerberos 5) -f, --fork fork before starting to delete messages -l, --leave don't delete fetched mail --from behave like from. -c, --count first print how many messages and bytes there are. --headers=headers a list of comma-separated headers that should get printed. -p port-spec, --port=port-spec use this port instead of the default 'kpop' or '1109'. The default is to first try Kerberos 5 authentication and then, if that fails, Kerberos 4. ENVIRONMENT
MAILHOST points to the post office, if no other hostname is specified. EXAMPLES
$ push cornfield:roosta ~/.emacs-mail-crash-box tries to fetch mail for the user roosta from the post office at ``cornfield'', and stores the mail in ~/.emacs-mail-crash-box (you are using Gnus, aren't you?) $ push --from -5 havregryn tries to fetch From: lines for current user at post office ``havregryn'' using Kerberos 5. SEE ALSO
from(1), pfrom(1), movemail(8), popper(8) HISTORY
push was written while waiting for movemail to finish getting the mail. HEIMDAL May 31, 1998 HEIMDAL

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