The Lounge What is on Your Mind? CORS Vulnerability Report by Pankaj Kumar Thakur (Nepal) Post 303039289 by Neo on Sunday 29th of September 2019 04:34:33 AM
In addition, I thank Pankaj Kumar Thakur for his ethical hacking help in this 4K YT video at just after the 23:00 mark:

This video is current processing to 4K, so wait a few hours from now and the resolution with go from low res 360p to 4K as Google completes final 4K video processing.

Search Engine Optimization | How To Fix Soft 404 Errors and A.I. Tales from Google Search Console

EDIT: This video is now available at Full 4K HD on YT.
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1. What is on Your Mind?

Critical security report by Pankaj Kumar Thakur (Nepal)

Yesterday we kindly received a critical security bug report from Pankaj Kumar Thakur (Nepal). I have fixed the bug already and Pankaj Kumar Thakur has confirmed the fix. In addition, I have added Pankaj Kumar Thakur to our hall of fame: Reporting Security Issues & "Bug Finders" Hall of... (0 Replies)
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chicken-bug - generates a bug report from user input SYNOPSIS
chicken-bug [ filename | OPTION ... ] OPTIONS
-help Show usage information. -to-stdout Write bug report to standard output instead of writing it to a file. - Read user input from standard input, even if files are given on the command line. DESCRIPTION
chicken-bug generates a bug report file that collects user-input, optional files and system information obtained from the installed CHICKEN executables and libraries. Non-option arguments given on the command line are inserted into the bug report. If no option is given, or if - has been passed on the command line, then a description of the problem is read from standard input, until EOF (CTRL-D) or a line consisting only of "." (period) is read. The bug report will be written to a file in the current directory, which should be sent to CHICKEN maintainers as it contains various use- ful bits of information that make it easier to classify the problem described. Bug reports should be as detailed as possible. It is also very helpful to include code that reproduces the problem. The more detailed the input and the more thorough the description is, the easier you make it for the CHICKEN developers to help you. BUGS
Submit bug reports by e-mail to AUTHOR
chicken(1) 19 Sep 2001 CHICKEN-BUG(1)

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