Special Forums Cybersecurity Failed SSHD Login Attempts (15,000 per day) - Is that a lot compared to your server? Post 303039259 by stomp on Friday 27th of September 2019 10:45:52 AM
@Neo: Thanks for rephrasing and clarifying your request!

Here's a script which calculates the FLAPM value:


exit_with_message() { echo "$*" ; exit 1 ;}

type lastb >/dev/null 2>&1  || exit_with_message "error: no lastb"
type awk   >/dev/null 2>&1  || exit_with_message "error: no awk"

evaluate() {
   awk '

        function epoch(date,d) { "date -d \""date"\" +%s" | getline d; return d; }

        $10 != ""       { mydate=$4" "$5" "$6" "$7;count++; }
        NR==1           { last=epoch(mydate); }

        END { printf "%9.4f FLAPM\n",count/((last-epoch(mydate))/60)}

lastb | evaluate

Here are some results for servers I manage, which provide services within the internet, partly with fail2ban and changed ssh ports in place:

  0.07 FLAPM
  0.07 FLAPM
  0.10 FLAPM
  0.10 FLAPM
  0.10 FLAPM
  0.11 FLAPM
  0.11 FLAPM
  0.11 FLAPM
  0.12 FLAPM
  0.20 FLAPM
  0.88 FLAPM
  1.12 FLAPM
  1.27 FLAPM
  1.36 FLAPM
  1.61 FLAPM
  1.74 FLAPM
  1.79 FLAPM
  1.92 FLAPM
  1.94 FLAPM
  2.88 FLAPM
  2.95 FLAPM
  3.20 FLAPM
  3.22 FLAPM
  3.35 FLAPM
  3.51 FLAPM
  3.53 FLAPM
  3.62 FLAPM
  3.63 FLAPM
  4.12 FLAPM
  4.75 FLAPM
  4.78 FLAPM
  4.82 FLAPM
  4.92 FLAPM
  4.96 FLAPM
  4.99 FLAPM
  5.07 FLAPM
  5.29 FLAPM
  5.29 FLAPM
  5.35 FLAPM
  5.44 FLAPM
  5.46 FLAPM
  5.54 FLAPM
  5.56 FLAPM
  5.62 FLAPM
  5.79 FLAPM
  5.80 FLAPM
  5.82 FLAPM
  5.85 FLAPM
  5.86 FLAPM
  5.86 FLAPM
  5.91 FLAPM
  6.01 FLAPM
  6.04 FLAPM
  6.25 FLAPM
  6.34 FLAPM
  6.92 FLAPM
  7.54 FLAPM
  8.72 FLAPM
  9.20 FLAPM
 11.01 FLAPM
 11.93 FLAPM
 12.57 FLAPM
 12.90 FLAPM
 13.08 FLAPM
 13.09 FLAPM
 13.35 FLAPM
 13.52 FLAPM
 14.09 FLAPM
 14.58 FLAPM
 14.76 FLAPM
 14.78 FLAPM
 14.80 FLAPM
 15.18 FLAPM
 16.97 FLAPM
 17.18 FLAPM
 17.22 FLAPM
 20.70 FLAPM
 23.57 FLAPM
 40.46 FLAPM

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