The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Does anyone know what technology this logo belongs to? Post 303039049 by verdepollo on Friday 20th of September 2019 11:09:32 PM
Originally Posted by Neo
No idea...

I think Goggle's reverse image search engine tool has been shutdown?
It is still up but nothing came out. Most of the other vinyl stickers are related to DevOps culture... things like CI/CD, pipelines, cloud, ALM, clusters, etc. I have posted it on different technology forums and nobody seems to have any idea. It does not look like a printing error either. o_O

At this point I think that if I put it on my lid, I can explain to people that it's the logo of my own company and I'm sure they will buy it.
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SplashFast(3pm) 					User Contributed Perl Documentation					   SplashFast(3pm)

Wx::Perl::SplashFast - Fast splash screen for the Wx module. SYNOPSIS
use Wx::Perl::SplashFast ('/path/to/logo.jpg',3000); # timeout in milliseconds package myApp ; # subclass Wx::App ... package myFrame; # subclass Wx::Frame ... package main; my $myApp = myApp->new(); my $frame = myFrame->new(); $myApp->MainLoop(); DESCRIPTION
Using Wx::SplashScreen from Wx::App::OnInit may cause a high delay before the splash screen is shown on low end machines. This module works around this limitation; you just need to follow the example. USAGE
Just put the code inside the 'BEGIN {}' of your main app, like: sub BEGIN { use Wx::Perl::SplashFast ; Wx::Perl::SplashFast->new("./logo.jpg",5000); } or load the module before any other: use Wx::Perl::SplashFast ("./logo.jpg",5000) ; use Wx ; ... import ( IMG_FILE, SPLASH_TIMEOUT ) IMG_FILE Path of the image file to show. SPLASH_TIMEOUT Timeout of the splash screen in milliseconds. If you "use Wx::Perl::SplashFast './logo.jpg', 1000;" this has the same affetc as. BEGIN { require Wx::Perl::SplashFast; Wx::Perl::SplashFast->new( './logo.jpg', 1000 ); } new ( IMG_FILE , SPLASH_TIMEOUT ) Show the splash screen. IMG_FILE Path of the image file to show. SPLASH_TIMEOUT Timeout of the splash screen in milliseconds. EXAMPLE
use Wx::Perl::SplashFast ("./logo.jpg",5000) ; # Don't forget to put your own image in the same path. Duh package myApp ; use base 'Wx::App'; sub OnInit { return(@_[0]) ;} package myFrame ; use base 'Wx::Frame'; use Wx qw( wxDEFAULT_FRAME_STYLE ); sub new { my $app = shift ; my( $frame ) = $app->SUPER::new( @_[0] , -1, 'wxPerl Test' , [0,0] , [400,300] ) ; return( $frame ) ; } package main ; use Wx ; my $myApp = myApp->new() ; print "window " ; my $win = myFrame->new() ; $win->Show(1) ; $myApp->SetTopWindow( $win ) ; $myApp->MainLoop(); SEE ALSO
Wx, <Wx:SplashScreen> AUTHOR
Graciliano M. P. <> Thanks to wxWidgets people and Mattia Barbon for wxPerl! :P COPYRIGHT
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.14.2 2009-12-25 SplashFast(3pm)
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