The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Does anyone know what technology this logo belongs to? Post 303039048 by Neo on Friday 20th of September 2019 10:13:45 PM
No idea...

I think Goggle's reverse image search engine tool has been shutdown?
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wml::std::logo(3)						     EN Tools							 wml::std::logo(3)

wml::std::logo - Logo Insertion SYNOPSIS
#use wml::std::logo <logo [attributes]> DESCRIPTION
This include file provides the "<logo>" tag to insert logo images. The logo is selected via attribute "name". The following logos are available: Name Inserted Hint Inserted URL -------- ------------------------------ ---------------------------- apache Apache Webserver Project freebsd FreeBSD Operating System gimp GNU Image Manipulation Program htdig Internet search engine linux Linux Operating System netbsd NetBSD Operating System openbsd OpenBSD Operating System php PHP Hypertext Preprocessor vim Vi Improved Editor wml Website META Language xemacs XEmacs Editor ATTRIBUTES
"name" The "name" attribute selects which logo is wanted. The table above lists valid names, and wml is used by default. "base" Usually the logos are copied into logo-xxxxxx.png where "xxxxxx" is the name of the logo. When you use a "base=foo" attribute, then the resulting files are named foo.logo-xxxxxx.png. Actually you can even use a complete filename including a directory prefix, i.e. when you use "base=../../common/foo" attribute, then the images are created as ../../common/foo.logo-xxxxxx.png. And for most flexibility when no base is specified and the variable "LOGO_BASE" is defined (usually from within a .wmlrc file via "-LOGO_BASE~path/to/logo/dir/base") it is used. Use this feature to copy the logos to a particular directory. You may also use the variable "IMAGE_BASE" which defines in a single line all base names for images generated by WML. "format" Logos are available in PNG or GIF formats. This attribute is the filename extension of the desired format, i.e. respectively "png" and "gif". Default is "png" extension ; this default can be changed via the "IMAGE_FORMAT" variable. "file" This attribute defines the logo filename. It overrides all other computed values. "target" If the "target" attribute is used, it refers to a target frame or window where the hyperlink is redirected to. "notag" This forces "<logo>" to expand to nothing, i.e. no resulting "<img>" tag. The image itself is still generated. In combination with the above "file" attribute this can be used to generate images to particular files which can be used at other positions, for instance inside "<rollover>" (see wml::des::rollover(3)) tags. EXAMPLE
This example only copy the vim logo to "$(IMAGES)/logo-vim.png" without any output: <logo name=vim format=png base="$(IMAGES)/logo" notag> AUTHORS
Ralf S. Engelschall Denis Barbier REQUIRES
Internal: P1, P2, P3 External: -- HISTORY
For backward compatibility a logo named "php3" is also available. Inluding the version number was not a really good idea, use the logo "php" instead. Expect that the logo "php3" will be removed in future releases. SEE ALSO
wml(1) EN Tools 2014-04-16 wml::std::logo(3)
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