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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Mobile: Advanced Forum Statistics to Forum Home Page Post 303038905 by Neo on Monday 16th of September 2019 11:14:10 PM
Originally Posted by Akshay Hegde
Happy to know that pagespeed helping, I understand rewriting theme would take time, also testing on cross browser and devices. I think bootstrap affix plug-in can be used to top header navigation to hide the forum title say user scrolls more than 30px or height of navigation bar.

Here is demo : Bootply snippet - Bootstrap Top Header, Affix Nav, Bottom Footer

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Hi Akshay,

I think it is a matter of personal choice to toggle-hide the mobile header or not based on scroll position so will not be addressing or changing this anytime soon.

Honestly, I do not see this is a priority at this time and have a lot more important things I need to do.

Also, the link you provided did not provide any useful information that I could see. There was no code to download and so I did not find anything of interest at that link, to be totally honest (maybe because I viewed it on my desktop). Anyway, I have no idea what that site is or what that link is supposed to show me; other than it it has a big "sign up form" on the bottom... .

Since you have access to the source code and Chrome dev tools, and you know how to use them, it would have been helpful if you had of provided a piece of Javascript instead and said "could try this JS code to hide the navbar based on scroll position"...... that would have been helpful in this case Smilie

I always think this approach is better regarding formatting suggestions for site..... just provide the suggestion "in working easy to cut-and-paste into our site code".... which saves me a lot of time. I am pretty sure you can do that Smilie Right?

Please keep in mind I am not trying to be demotivating by my reply above; but if you get into the habit of posting "Neo please do this" and "Neo please do that" without providing working code, I will reply like this over and over; as there is not shortage of ideas; but what I need is people to open their web dev tools, look at the source, and provide working code (CSS, Javascript, jQuery) and not just "Neo, please do this and that" suggestions for the site.

Thanks for understanding!
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