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So, can you show us the output that you are getting? I'm wondering if you are being prompted for the SSH key passphrase as opposed to the remote user password.

A simple test would be something like:-
sftp ftpsic@$NodoFtpOms <<END_SCRIPT

If this doesn't work, then perhaps we can look at the process of creating and sharing keys for a password-less connection. The client that opens the connection should create the SSH key pair. The public key from the client needs to be copied to the server you are connecting to. The file permissions need to be suitably tight. If you open the files up to more access, then the ssh/sftp client and/or the sshd will reject them. Doing a chmod 666 ..... will break it.

Can you show us the output of ls -l ~/.ssh on the client as the executing user and on the server side as the targeted user? Do not share the content of the private keys on-line.

Thanks, in advance,
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ssh_sftpd(3erl) 					     Erlang Module Definition						   ssh_sftpd(3erl)

ssh_sftpd - Specifies a channel process to handle a sftp subsystem. DESCRIPTION
Specifies a channel process to handle a sftp subsystem. COMMON DATA TYPES
subsystem_spec() = {subsystem_name(), {channel_callback(), channel_init_args()}} subsystem_name() = "sftp" channel_callback() = atom() - Name of the erlang module implementing the subsystem using the ssh_channel behavior see ssh_channel(3erl) channel_init_args() = list() - The one given as argument to function subsystem_spec/1. EXPORTS
subsystem_spec(Options) -> subsystem_spec() Types Options = [{Option, Value}] Should be used together with ssh:daemon/[1,2,3] Options are: {cwd, String} : Sets the initial current working directory for the server. {file_handler, CallbackModule} : Determines which module to call for communicating with the file server. Default value is ssh_sftpd_file that uses the file and filelib API:s to access the standard OTP file server. This option may be used to plug in the use of other file servers. {max_files, Integer} : The default value is 0 , which means that there is no upper limit. If supplied, the number of filenames returned to the sftp client per READDIR request, is limited to at most the given value. {root, String} : Sets the sftp root directory. The user will then not be able to see any files above this root. If for instance the root is set to /tmp the user will see this directory as / and if the user does cd /etc the user will end up in /tmp/etc . Ericsson AB ssh 2.0.4 ssh_sftpd(3erl)

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