"Your site has been switched to Mobile First Indexing"

Post #303038682 by Neo on Wednesday 11th of September 2019 08:01:33 AM

Now I recall some of the problems I used to have with mod_pagespeed......

mod_pagespeed give a tiny increase in page speed with the big cost of caching and when we make a change on the site and try to clear the cache, the cache does not clear propertly or correctly
and it is very hard to work on the site, debug things, etc. due to the caching of all this code and the problems trying to clear the various caches.

So, I turned it off (again) for now.

I tried to clear the cache and it will not clear easily but again, it may be because we have to clear the cache on both the server side and the client side; all of which is too much work.

As I always try to explain to people over the years; all the "optimizations" come at a "cost" and the major cost for mod_pagespeed is a cache of a written pages (HTML, CSS, Javascript) which can be very difficult to manage if you are making any changes to the code or debugging something; and I started making changes to the code based on the W3C validator; but it's hard to work on this with mod_pagespeed caching, rewriting code, etc.

Anyway, its off again ... because the pages load fast already and mod_pagespeed does not really help that much and has very little or nothing to do with the issue I posted about, which is:

Your site has been switched to Mobile First Indexing by Google.

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amorad [options] DESCRIPTION
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