"awk - using variables in pattern which contain full pathname"

Post #303038585 by ctsgnb on Friday 6th of September 2019 01:49:58 PM

Give a try replacing your :

awk '/zypper_local/ && /60/ && /$ZYPPER_LOCAL_REP/'

with :

awk -vP="$ZYPPER_LOCAL_REP" '/zypper_local/ && /60/ &&($0~P)'

You can also try to get out the simple quote to make the $ZYPPER_LOCAL_REP interpreted by the shell:

awk '/zypper_local/ && /60/ && /'$ZYPPER_LOCAL_REP'/'

You may also want to give a try to :

zypper lr -d | sed -e '/zypper_local/!d' -e '/60/!d' -e '/'$ZYPPER_LOCAL_REP'/!d'

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