Top Forums Programming [Python] replicating "sha256 -C checksum_file.txt file.txt" Post 303038526 by balajesuri on Thursday 5th of September 2019 08:23:11 AM
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1. Read the file "SHA256" line by line in a loop. (for line in filehandle)

2. Tokenise each line as you read - the result will be stored in a list (hint: split after you strip)

3. The last item of this list will be the hash value. Compare accordingly (hint: list_name[-1])

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PYTHON-COVERAGE(1)					      General Commands Manual						PYTHON-COVERAGE(1)

python-coverage - measure code coverage of Python program execution SYNOPSIS
python-coverage -x [ARG...] python-coverage -e python-coverage -r [-m] python-coverage -a [file...] DESCRIPTION
python-coverage executes a Python program and measures which of its statements are executed and which are not. It stores the information in the file .coverage in the current working directory. OPTIONS
-e Erase the .coverage file. -x Execute a Python module, giving it the remaining command line arguments. -r Produce a coverage report. -m With -r, show the line numbers that were missed by the execution. -a Annotate source files. For each source file foo, produce foo,cover, with executed lines prefixed by ">" and non-executed by "!". --help Produce a help summary. It might be more helpful than this manual page. AUTHOR
The python-coverage command is a one-line Python script which calls the Python module to do all the work. The module was rigi- nally developed by Gareth Rees, and is now developed by Ned Batchelder. The module's home page is This manual page was cobbled together by Lars Wirzenius for Debian, by copy-pasting from the help texts from the module. PYTHON-COVERAGE(1)

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