"How can I direct messages from mac console.app to a log file?"

Post #303038443 by dallas88 on Tuesday 3rd of September 2019 09:22:48 AM

How can I direct messages from mac console.app to a log file?

I'm trying to complete a bash script to capture if an external webcam is active in a video conference session. Some users will switch the camera to the built-in MAC camera. When this happens I want to trigger a set of events.

Things tried: reviewed the console.app to look for patterns on when the switch occurs in a user test & discovered messages indicating when the facetime camera changes state. I found this

019-08-31 22:59:57.387405 -0500 AppleCameraInterface default 0 22:59:57.387405 -0500 kernel AppleCamIn::power_on_hardware

2019-08-31 22:59:57.814936 -0500 AppleCameraAssistant default 438 22:59:57.814936 -0500 AppleCameraAssistant StartHardwareStream: creating frame receiver: 1280 x 720 (420v) [12.00,30.00]fps

2019-08-31 22:59:59.679037 -0500 AppleCameraAssistant default 438 22:59:59.679037 -0500 AppleCameraAssistant StopHardwareStream 2019-08-31 22:59:59.809252 -0500 AppleCameraInterface default 0 22:59:59.809252 -0500 kernel AppleCamIn::power_off_hardware

I thought I could simply grep these message from the console.app but it seems to be easier said than done. I thought i could find the msgs in one of the console report files but When I look at the various reports on the console, i'm not finding a report that contains the messages above. How can I direct messages from console.app to a log file versus manually copying and pasting the info from the console?or point me to a direction? Am I missing something?

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SPRINGSETTINGS(6)						       Games							 SPRINGSETTINGS(6)

springsettings - GUI to configure Spring options and settings SYNOPSIS
springsettings [-nc|--no-crash-handler] [-cl|--console-logging] [-gl|--gui-logging] [-l|--log-verbosity NUM] springsettings [-h|--help] DESCRIPTION
springsettings is a GUI to configure spring options and settings. Spring is a free Real Time Strategy (RTS) game engine originally designed to play Total Annihilation ((C) 1997 Cavedog) content and evolved to a general rts engine capable to run different kind of games (mods). It is mainly designed around online multiplayer games but can be played in single player mode against different AI. OPTIONS
-h, --help Prints the options help message and exits. -nc, --no-crash-handler Don't use the crash handler (useful for debugging) -cl, --console-logging Shows application log to the console(if available) -gl, --gui-logging Enables application log window -l, --log-verbosity=NUM Overrides default logging verbosity, can be: 0 - no log 1 - critical errors 2 - errors 3 - warnings (default) 4 - messages 5 - function trace FILES
/etc/spring/datadir Contain the path used by spring to look for configurations. SEE ALSO
spring(6), springlobby(6) HOMEPAGE
More information about the spring can be found on AUTHOR
springsettings was written by the springlobby developers. This manual page was written by Marco Amadori <marco.amadori@gmail.com[1]>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). NOTES
1. marco.amadori@gmail.com mailto:marco.amadori@gmail.com Springlobby distribution 05/22/2012 SPRINGSETTINGS(6)

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