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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers sed inside the awk script to replace a string in the array Post 303038236 by bhagya123 on Wednesday 28th of August 2019 02:30:04 PM
Old 08-28-2019
I tried the script with /usr/xpg4/bin/awk , But it is throwing error at a diff place.

Error :
/usr/xpg4/bin/awk: line 2 (): syntax error "unk" in //

Below is the first 10 lines from the code and its throwing error at line 2, Do you know what is wrong here?
The same code worked fine for just awk



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PREG_FILTER(3)								 1							    PREG_FILTER(3)

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preg_filter(3) is identical to preg_replace(3) except it only returns the (possibly transformed) subjects where there was a match. For details about how this function works, read the preg_replace(3) documentation. RETURN VALUES
Returns an array if the $subject parameter is an array, or a string otherwise. If no matches are found or an error occurred, an empty array is returned when $subject is an array or NULL otherwise. EXAMPLES
Example #1 Example comparing preg_filter(3) with preg_replace(3) <?php $subject = array('1', 'a', '2', 'b', '3', 'A', 'B', '4'); $pattern = array('/d/', '/[a-z]/', '/[1a]/'); $replace = array('A:$0', 'B:$0', 'C:$0'); echo "preg_filter returns "; print_r(preg_filter($pattern, $replace, $subject)); echo "preg_replace returns "; print_r(preg_replace($pattern, $replace, $subject)); ?> The above example will output: preg_filter returns Array ( [0] => A:C:1 [1] => B:C:a [2] => A:2 [3] => B:b [4] => A:3 [7] => A:4 ) preg_replace returns Array ( [0] => A:C:1 [1] => B:C:a [2] => A:2 [3] => B:b [4] => A:3 [5] => A [6] => B [7] => A:4 ) SEE ALSO
PCRE Patterns, preg_quote(3), preg_replace(3), preg_replace_callback(3), preg_grep(3), preg_last_error(3). PHP Documentation Group PREG_FILTER(3)

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