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Ok I will try that, thank you so much!!
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add entry(1m)															     add entry(1m)

add entry - Adds a name service entry to the name service database SYNOPSIS
rpccp add entry entry-name [-s syntax] OPTIONS
Indicates the name syntax of the entry name (optional). The only value for this option is the dce name syntax, which is the default name syntax. Until an alternative name syntax becomes available, specifying the -s option is unnecessary. ARGUMENTS
Specifies the name of the target name service entry. For an entry in the local cell, you can omit the cell name and specify only the cell- relative name. DESCRIPTION
The add entry command adds an unspecialized entry to the name service database. The name of the entry is required. The new entry initially contains no NSI attributes. This command creates a general name service entry for an application or user. The application or user can later use the export, add element, and add member commands to make the generic entry into a server entry, a group, or a profile (or a combination), as follows: For a server entry, specify the new entry as the target entry for the rpccp export command. For a group, specify the new entry as the target group for the rpccp add member command. For a profile, specify the new entry as the tar- get profile for the rpccp add element command. The add entry command enables administrators to add entries for users who lack the required permissions. If you have the permissions required by the add entry command, you can also add an entry using an export, add member, or add element command; if the entry you specify does not exist, the command creates the entry. Privilege Required To add an entry, you need insert permission to the parent directory and both read permission and write permission to the CDS object entry (the target name service entry). NOTE
This command is replaced at Revision 1.1 by the dcecp command and may not be provided in future releases of DCE. EXAMPLES
The following commands start RPCCP and add an unspecialized entry to the name service database: $ rpccp rpccp> add entry > /.:/LandS/anthro/Cal_host_2 The following command operates from the system prompt to add an unspecialized entry to the name service data- base: $ rpccp add entry > /.:/LandS/anthro/Cal_host_3 RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: remove entry(1m), show entry(1m) add entry(1m)

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