Operating Systems OS X (Apple) MacOS 10.15 Catalina Crashes and Freezes on Boot Post 303037712 by wisecracker on Saturday 10th of August 2019 02:14:59 PM
Hi Neo...

I am certainly getting a little cheesed off with Apple's attitude; their latest incarnation...

This has nailed the coffin lid on Apple for me now, I will not be buying another Apple item:

Apple locks new iPhone batteries to prevent third-party repair, report says | Ars Technica

This, along with, the hardware interface added between MOBO and HDD to make the FORCED? encrypted DRIVE impossible to read from or write to from an external live linux boot source.
This addition supposedly makes it _impossible_ to install another OS on an external drive, let alone the internal one.
Not quite true there is a back door and this current MBP with its builtin HW add-on I have been able to fool it.
I still can't read or write to the internal drive but I run this current full install Linux mint 19 on it without any problems from both USB stick and this current external HDD...

I have 2 MBPs, 1 iMac, and 1 iPad...
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GRUB(8)                                                                 FSF                                                                GRUB(8)

grub - the grub shell SYNOPSIS
Enter the GRand Unified Bootloader command shell. --batch turn on batch mode for non-interactive use --boot-drive=DRIVE specify stage2 boot_drive [default=0x0] --config-file=FILE specify stage2 config_file [default=/boot/grub/menu.lst] --device-map=FILE use the device map file FILE --help display this message and exit --hold wait until a debugger will attach --install-partition=PAR specify stage2 install_partition [default=0x20000] --no-config-file do not use the config file --no-curses do not use curses --no-floppy do not probe any floppy drive --no-pager do not use internal pager --preset-menu use the preset menu --probe-second-floppy probe the second floppy drive --read-only do not write anything to devices --verbose print verbose messages --version print version information and exit REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to <bug-grub@gnu.org>. SEE ALSO
update-grub(8), grub-install(8). The full documentation for grub is maintained as a Texinfo manual in the grub-legacy-doc package. If the info and grub programs are prop- erly installed at your site, the command info grub should give you access to the complete manual. grub (GNU GRUB 0.97) January 2013 GRUB(8)

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