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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers How to print the "grep" result as specified keyword order? Post 303037632 by RudiC on Thursday 8th of August 2019 08:47:53 AM
Old 08-08-2019
For reading the keywords from file, try grep -f id.txt

For keeping the sequence as given in id.txt, you could write e.g. an awk or perl script. Or try this very inefficient shell (untested):
while read ID
  do   grep $ID content.xls
  done < id.txt

Don't try with large files, as it scans through the entire content.xls for every single keyword in id.txt
Reading the content.xls file into an associated array indexed by the key value and then printing it according to the keys found in id.txt is left as an exercise for the reader.
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X2SYS_MERGE(1gmt)					       Generic Mapping Tools						 X2SYS_MERGE(1gmt)

x2sys_merge - Merge an updated COEs tables SYNOPSIS
x2sys_merge -Amain_COElist.d -Mnew_COElist.d DESCRIPTION
x2sys_merge will read two crossovers data base and output the contents of the main one updated with the COEs in the second one. The second file should only contain updated COEs relatively to the first one. That is, it MUST NOT contain any new two tracks intersections (This point is NOT checked in the code). This program is useful when, for any good reason like file editing NAV correction or whatever, one had to recompute only the COEs between the edited files and the rest of the database. -A Specify the file main_COElist.d with the main crossover error data base. -M Specify the file new_COElist.d with the newly computed crossover error data base. OPTIONS
No space between the option flag and the associated arguments. EXAMPLES To update the main COE_data.txt with the new COEs estimations saved in the smaller COE_fresh.txt, try x2sys_merge -ACOE_data.txt -MCOE_fresh.txt > COE_updated.txt SEE ALSO
x2sys_binlist(1), x2sys_cross(1), x2sys_datalist(1), x2sys_get(1), x2sys_init(1), x2sys_list(1), x2sys_put(1), x2sys_report(1) GMT 4.5.7 15 Jul 2011 X2SYS_MERGE(1gmt)

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