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Send mail with font change

Hi All,
I have a file that contains following entries.
I want to highlight the line that has word as "FAILURE" while sending the email.


Job Name:       ABC
Start Time:     07/20/2019 07:32:39
End Time:       07/20/2019 07:32:42
Status:         SUCCESS 07/20/2019 07:32:42


Job Name:       DEF
Start Time:     07/20/2019 07:32:19
End Time:       07/20/2019 07:32:21
Status:         FAILURE 07/20/2019 07:30:26
Status:         SUCCESS 07/20/2019 07:32:21


Job Name:       GHI
Start Time:     07/20/2019 07:30:06
End Time:       07/20/2019 07:30:08
Status:         SUCCESS 07/20/2019 07:30:08


I am using following simple method to send mail, but not familiar how to change the font of particular text where error is seen.
Pls help

echo "From: "
echo "To:  abc@xyz.com
echo "Subject: Status Report - for jobs -- $DATE"

cat /tmp/report.$DATE
} | /usr/sbin/sendmail -t

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MAILER.CONF(5)						      BSD File Formats Manual						    MAILER.CONF(5)

mailer.conf -- configuration file for mailwrapper(8) DESCRIPTION
The file /etc/mailer.conf contains a series of lines of the form name program [arguments ...] The first word of each line is the name of a program invoking mailwrapper(8). (For example, on a typical system /usr/sbin/sendmail would be a symbolic link to mailwrapper(8), as would newaliases(1) and mailq(1). Thus, name might be ``sendmail'' or ``newaliases'' etc.) The second word of each line is the name of the program to actually execute when the first name is invoked. The further arguments, if any, are passed to the program, followed by the arguments mailwrapper(8) was called with. The file may also contain comment lines, denoted by a '#' mark in the first column of any line. The default mailer is postfix(1), which will also start by default (unless specifically disabled via an rc.conf(5) setting) so that locally generated mail can be delivered, if the ``sendmail'' setting in /etc/mailer.conf is set to ``/usr/libexec/postfix/sendmail''. FILES
/etc/mailer.conf EXAMPLES
This example shows how to set up mailer.conf to invoke the postfix(1) program: sendmail /usr/libexec/postfix/sendmail mailq /usr/libexec/postfix/sendmail newaliases /usr/libexec/postfix/sendmail This example shows the use of the mini-sendmail package from pkgsrc in place of postfix(1): # Send outgoing mail to a smart relay using mini-sendmail sendmail /usr/pkg/sbin/mini-sendmail -srelayhost send-mail /usr/pkg/sbin/mini-sendmail -srelayhost Note the use of additional arguments. SEE ALSO
mail(1), mailq(1), newaliases(1), postfix(1), mailwrapper(8) pkgsrc/mail/sendmail, pkgsrc/mail/mini_sendmail HISTORY
mailer.conf appeared in NetBSD 1.4. AUTHORS
Perry E. Metzger <perry@piermont.com> BUGS
The entire reason this program exists is a crock. Instead, a command for how to submit mail should be standardized, and all the ``behave differently if invoked with a different name'' behavior of things like mailq(1) should go away. BSD
April 10, 2010 BSD

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