"Top Cybersecurity Threats Earth Year 2019 | You Have Been Warned!"

Post #303036332 by Neo on Sunday 23rd of June 2019 09:53:03 AM

Hi Wise!

Thanks! Consider yourself a part of the audio team for our new videos!

Your feedback is much appreciated, and feel free to click and search around in the audio tracks on Motion Array and let me know if you find anything for future videos!

I love that site, really! I'm a huge fan of Motion Array now and am so happy I have an annual license to use all their content in my projects!

Stand by for the "rock version" Smilie
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Test Your Knowledge in Computers #931
Difficulty: Medium
64-bit computer system storage allocation for timekeeping will allow them to represent dates more than 300 billion years into the future.
True or False?

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tartdates(5)						      LinuxTaRT Special Dates						      tartdates(5)

tartdates - Special date configuration for LinuxTaRT DESCRIPTION
LinuxTaRT uses a configuration file called specialdates to enable the user to display a specific tagline on certain special dates. The name and location of this file is specified in the LinuxTaRT configuration file ~/.tartrc, but is usually: ~/.tartdates PARAMETERS
Each line of the special date file consists of a day of the year expressed as a two digit month, a forward-slash (/), a two digit date, a colon (:) and a line of text. mm/dd:tagline text Any line that does not conform to this specification will be treated as a comment. Comments may also be specified by prefixing text with a # symbol. Using this method, you can place a comment behind a date line. EXAMPLES
01/01:Happy New Year!! Will use "Happy New Year!!" as the tagline when the date is January 1st. 12/25:Merry Christmas to all! Displays "Merry Christmas to all!" as your tagline on Christmas day. FILES
~/.tartdates SEE ALSO
tart(1) tartrc(5) tart-custom(5) Mark Veinot 1.0.0 tartdates(5)

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