"A Shout-Out to Gareth Watts and pinfinder"

Post #303036242 by Neo on Thursday 20th of June 2019 06:49:19 AM

A Shout-Out to Gareth Watts and pinfinder

A friend of my lost her restrictions (screen time) passcode on her iPhone. She was very reluctant to try to wipe her phone, which is the recommended solution.

Saving to backup would not have worked because restoring from the same backup would have restored the same lost passcode.

So after trying many remedies, I was able to recover her restrictions / screentime passcode today using "pinfinder" by Gareth Watts.

Worked perfectly, per his software and instructions.


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PYTHON-COVERAGE(1)					      General Commands Manual						PYTHON-COVERAGE(1)

python-coverage - measure code coverage of Python program execution SYNOPSIS
python-coverage -x module.py [ARG...] python-coverage -e python-coverage -r [-m] python-coverage -a [file...] DESCRIPTION
python-coverage executes a Python program and measures which of its statements are executed and which are not. It stores the information in the file .coverage in the current working directory. OPTIONS
-e Erase the .coverage file. -x Execute a Python module, giving it the remaining command line arguments. -r Produce a coverage report. -m With -r, show the line numbers that were missed by the execution. -a Annotate source files. For each source file foo, produce foo,cover, with executed lines prefixed by ">" and non-executed by "!". --help Produce a help summary. It might be more helpful than this manual page. AUTHOR
The python-coverage command is a one-line Python script which calls the coverage.py Python module to do all the work. The module was rigi- nally developed by Gareth Rees, and is now developed by Ned Batchelder. The module's home page is http://www.nedbatchelder.com/code/modules/coverage.html. This manual page was cobbled together by Lars Wirzenius for Debian, by copy-pasting from the help texts from the module. PYTHON-COVERAGE(1)

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