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Ok so from the LPAR you are trying to find the CDROM run a
lsdev -Cl cd0 -F parent

On one of my S824-42A's this is the path to the CD drive:
# lscfg -vpl cd0
  cd0              U78C9.001.WZS01PX-P2-D27  SATA DVD-RAM Drive

        Machine Type and Model......RMBO0140512
        ROS Level and ID............RA65
        Device Specific.(Z0)........058002028F000030
        Part Number.................74Y7346
        EC Level....................N23938
        FRU Number..................74Y7341
        Hardware Location Code......U78C9.001.WZS01PX-P2-D27


  Name:  disk
    Node:  disk
    Device Type:  block
# lsdev -Cl cd0 -F parent

# lscfg -vpl sata0
  sata0            U78C9.001.WZS01PX-P1-C14-T1  Controller SATA Protocol


  Name:  sata
    Node:  sata
    Device Type:  sata_ioa

So, when you look at the HMC, the optical drive is hanging off P1-C14-T1.

This is why bakunin was saying VIO's make this easier. You could virtualize the optical drive and dynamically add it to any lpar. The above example I gave was from a box with no VIO. 100% of resources of the frame given to the lpar.

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pxfw(8) 							     pxfw 0.5								   pxfw(8)

pxfw - Firmware flashing tool for Plextor CD/DVD devices SYNOPSIS
pxfw -l pxfw -d DEVICE [-if firmware.bin] [-u] [-f] [-v] pxfw -d DEVICE [-e] [-r] [-t] [-v] DESCRIPTION
pxfw is the linux firmware flasher for Plextor CD and DVD drives. Remove any disks before flashing. FEATURES
You can flash the firmware of these drives: Plextor Premium, Premium-2, PX-712, PX-716, PX-755 and PX-760. DEVICE
can be an IDE, SCSI, SATA, USB or FireWire connected optical drive. Not all SATA controller support all Plextor features. Linux: /dev/hdX: IDE device /dev/scdX: Linux 2.4: SATA, SCSI, USB device, or IDE device via ide-scsi emulation /dev/srX: Linux 2.6: IDE device via new ATA layer, SCSI or USB device OpenBSD/NetBSD: /dev/rcdX FreeBSD: /dev/cd: SCSI device /dev/acd: ATA device MacOS X: /dev/disk: win32: C:,D:,E:, ... X:,Y:,Z: OPTIONS
-l scan busses for all available CD and DVD devices -if select inputfile. Specify the firmware binary file, which should be written to DEVICE. -u proceed update. When the firmware checksum test has succeeded, write firmware to DEVICE. -f force flashing. Even if DEVICE is not recognized, or firmware. checksum has failed, firmware writing will be forced. Handle with care. -e read EEPROM from DEVICE. -r reboot the device. -t test which opcodes are supported by the device. -v debug. EXAMPLES
pxfw -d /dev/hdc -if 755_1.07.bin -u writes firmware file 755_1.07.bin into Master Drive on Secondary IDE-Port. pxfw -d /dev/sr3 -e -oe file.foo reades EEPROM from device /dev/sr3 and writes it to file.foo. please report man page improvements to T.Maguin@web.de Gennady ShultZ Kozlov 02 April, 2009 pxfw(8)

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