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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers How to fetch the value from a xml using sed, GREP? Post 303035126 by nezabudka on Wednesday 15th of May 2019 02:07:11 AM
Old 05-15-2019
sed -n '/<value>/ {n;h}; /<result>/ {:1;n;/<\/result>/! {H;b1};x;s/\n/ /g;p}'

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sed -n '/<value>/ {n;h}; /<result>/! b; :1;n;/<\/result>/! {H;b1};x;s/\n/ /g;p'

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SPLASHY-CONFIG.XML(5)					 Splashy POSIX boot splash system				     SPLASHY-CONFIG.XML(5)

Splashy - a user-mode, POSIX and LSB compliant, boot splashing system for UNIX. SYNOPSIS
/etc/splashy/config.xml - Splashy's configuration file DESCRIPTION
/etc/splashy/config.xml sets splashy's behaviour during boot, shutdown inter-runlevel and error. It is an XML file where all values are enclosed in tags A tag is anything enclosed between < and >. An opening tag has the form "<tag>" while a closing tag has its name preceded with a backslash () character as in "< ag>" Tags can be considered as folders. Each tag either contains tags or contains a value The value of the final tag affects in the field defined by its parents tags The following tag folders are supported: <splashy> This tag is mandatory. It contains all splashy's configuration values, listed below. The following values are supported: <themes> Absolute path to the directory containing the installed splashy themes. Default: /etc/splashy/themes <current_theme> Name of the theme to use. It must be the name of a directory in <themes>'s value's directory. Default: default <default_theme> Full path to a theme to fall back to if the theme specified in <current_theme>'s value can't be found. Default: /etc/splashy/themes/default <pid> Full path to the PID file splashy will use to store its PID so that other processes can know if it is running. Default: /var/run/splashy.pid Comments can be introduced by enclsing them between <!-- and -->. Blank lines are also ignored EXAMPLES
The following is a complete and valid splashy configuration file: <splashy> <!-- themes directory: conventional path /etc/splashy/themes --> <themes>/etc/splashy/themes</themes> <!-- current theme could be relative the themes defined above or full path --> <current_theme>default</current_theme> <!-- full path to theme to fall back in case of problems. DO NOT CHANGE --> <default_theme>/etc/splashy/themes/default</default_theme> <!-- this defaults should be ok --> <pid>/var/run/splashy.pid</pid> </splashy> NOTES
Values are refered by their tag name prefixed with all of its parent tag's names. For example: "/splashy/pid" FILES
/etc/splashy/config.xml Main configuration. Defines how splashy should be setup /etc/splashy/themes/ Location where splashy themes are stored SEE ALSO
splashy(1), splashy_config(1), splashy_config(1), splashy-theme.xml(5) AUTHORS
Jacobo Vilella <jacobo221@gmail.com> perl v5.12.1 2010-07-05 SPLASHY-CONFIG.XML(5)

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