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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) 12-Core MacPro (2013) kernel_task over 1200% Post 303034568 by Neo on Monday 29th of April 2019 10:52:23 PM
Yesterday I visited the Apple Care center after seeing Avengers End Game to pick up my Mac Pro (Late 2013) - 2.7 GHz Twelve-Core, MacPro6,1 (A1481). Apple changed the logic board under warranty and told me all was "normal" again.

While I was there, I asked to see the defective logic board. Apple mentioned that the board was sent to the factory when they requested a new one, so they did not have it at Apple Care.

I also asked if the good folks at Apple Care could tell me exactly what chip or part of the logic board had failed. They replied that their diagnostic test equipment only indicated "pass" or "fail" on the logic board and did not designate or indicate which parts of the board had failed. I asked them if they had any idea why the logic board failed. They replied that many Apple logic boards fail and they don't know the exact reason. For me this is the second logic board to fail in the same month, one on this Mac Pro and one on a MacBook Air. Seems like Apple has a lot of logic board failures, at least from my experience.

My recommendation is that all owners of Macs extend their Apple Care warranty as long as they possibility can since Apple seems to have a fairly high rate of logic board failures and the cost of Apple Care extended warranty is much less than the cost of replacing a logic board.

Now back on my desk, my Mac Pro seems to be running normally again. I just installed the latest version as of today, Mojave Beta 10.14.5 and all is well and she is humming along normally.

Overall, I am very happy with the support I received from Apple Care in Thailand. It's impressive that Apple can provide such great service on the oppositve side of the world, The technicians and all staff were highly professional and enjoyable to work with. They resolved the flawed logic board problem with MacPro quickly and under warranty, so there was no cost or charges to me, only smiles and questions like "how much did you pay for that", since I assume they do not see a lot of 12-core Mac Pros in that particular location where most customers are their to get their iPhones repaired, especially the iPhones which have been underwater!

Apple has a great warranty program globally. I highly recommend all Apple Mac users keep their extended warranty programs up-to-date, especially in light of the apparent frequency of logic board failures.

It's good to have this great 12-Core Mac Pro with 64GB of memory up and running normally again.

Thank you Apple!
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Epoch(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation						  Epoch(3)

Time::Epoch - Convert between Perl epoch and other epochs SYNOPSIS
#!/usr/bin/perl -wl use Time::Epoch; my $perlsec = 966770660; # Sun Aug 20 07:24:21 2000 -0400 on Mac OS my $epochsec = perl2epoch($perlsec, 'macos', '-0400'); my $perlsec2 = epoch2perl($epochsec, 'macos', '-0400'); print $perlsec; print $perlsec2; print $epochsec; # correct time on Unix: print scalar localtime $perlsec; # correct time on Mac OS (-0400): print scalar localtime $epochsec; DESCRIPTION
Exports two functions, "perl2epoch" and "epoch2perl". Currently only goes between Perl (Unix) epoch and Mac OS epoch. This is in preparation for an eventual move of Perl to its own universal epoch, so we can get the system epoch of any platform that differs from Perl's. Epochs o macos Takes additional optional parameter of time zone differential. If time zone differential not supplied, we guess by getting the different between "localtime" and "gmtime" with <Time::Local::timelocal>. BUGS
o Hm. With the above test, "scalar localtime $perlsec" under my Linux box and "scalar localtime $epochsec" under my Mac OS box are off by one second from each other. Maybe a leap second thing? Odd. AUTHOR
Chris Nandor <>, Copyright (c) 2000-2003 Chris Nandor. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License, distributed with Perl. SEE ALSO
perl(1), perlport(1), Time::Local. perl v5.18.2 2003-05-21 Epoch(3)

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