The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Live Chat (Alpha) in UserCP SF 0.7517 Post 303034168 by Neo on Friday 19th of April 2019 11:13:32 PM
Update SF version: 0.7528
  • Removed annoying "join and leave" messages from chat window. I added this yesterday and it's simply too annoying. My bad.

Next, I think I need to spend time on the initial Vue.js bug which is causing the initial page render to be blank (requiring a reload) based on some incomplete PubNub AJAX calls (race conditions). This results in "undefined" Javascript errors I need to trap and deal with. These async AJAX timing and race conditions can be tricky to deal with (trap all possible errors) in all of these types of apps which make asynchronous REST calls to a remote API. I'm having some issues on initial page load where the REST'ful AJAX calls to the PubNub API are not returning fast enough and this is causing errors on initial page load and this is the reason why a page reload works (and is often required) after the initial loading.

This issue is really is nagging me and it impacts every possible variation of this publish-subscribe Javascript project moving forward. This is a Vue.js lifecycle problem and not a PubNum API problem. However, I have not completely switched out all the "OUTDATED" Vue.js wrapper code, so maybe if I get rid of it and just use the "unwrapped" SDK, I will get better results? Actually, I kinda doubt it because I have seen these kinds of AJAX race conditions many times over the years. This is the bane of using async remote calls. It's also an issue I have seen in game engine (the game loop) programming.
Test Your Knowledge in Computers #706
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Shared information bias is known as the tendency for group members to spend more time and energy discussing information that all members are already familiar with (i.e., shared information), and less time and energy discussing information that only some members are aware of.
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Jifty::Manual(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					Jifty::Manual(3pm)

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