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XL Fortran is the name of an open source Fortran compiler for IBM-supported environments, including Linux for big-endian distributions and AIX.
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1. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

how to assign an output to a variable

Hi, I am giving a grep command, and i am getting the output. i want to store it in a variable for eg a = grep '12345' /dir/1/2/log.txt ( the output is number) b= grep 'basic' /dir/1/2/log1.txt (in this case the output is character) so how to assign the output of grep to a variable ... (1 Reply)
Discussion started by: vasikaran
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2. Shell Programming and Scripting

Is it possible to re-assign the variable form the loop?

Good day, everyone! I've got a small problem with re-assigning the variable form the loop. What I'm trying to do is: #!/bin/bash/ VAR1="AAA" VAR2="BBB" VAR3="CCC" for WORD in VAR1 VAR2 VAR3; do $WORD="DDD" echo $WORD done :o That's the output and error messages: -bash:... (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: Nafanja
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3. Shell Programming and Scripting

Assign bash command to variable

Hi I am trying to write a function that needs to be able to assign the last run shell command to a variable. The actual command string itself not the exit code of the command. I am using the bash command recall ability to do this as follows: alias pb='ps | grep ash' ... (3 Replies)
Discussion started by: Moxy
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4. Shell Programming and Scripting

Assign command (with pipe) output to a variable

Hi , I would like to assign command (with pipe) output to a variable. The code is as follows. The goal of the code is to get the last folder folder with a particular name pattern. myDate=`ls | grep 2009 | tail -1` echo "myDate=" $myDate However, in the presence of the pipe, the code... (3 Replies)
Discussion started by: jeff_cen
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5. Shell Programming and Scripting

assign awk output to bash variable

greetings all, I am have a heck of a time trying to accomplish a very simple thing. I have an array of "shortname<spaces>id" created from a dscl output. I want to assign shortname=word1 and id=word2. I have tried shortname=$(${textArray} | awk '{print $1}') - and get 'awk : cannot open... (3 Replies)
Discussion started by: macnetdaemon
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6. Shell Programming and Scripting

Re-assign variable's value through which FOR LOOP loops

Hi, I've a requirement where I want to re-assign the value in the variable through which FOR LOOP loops. For e.g. Snippet of code --------------- for i in $var do echo $i >> $tempFile var=`echo $another_var | awk -F" " '{print $1}'` done I am re-assigning var so... (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: dips_ag
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7. Shell Programming and Scripting

In bash script, how to assign output of a command to a variable while keeping tabs?

Hi, wondering if it's been asked before but didn't find matches from google. Basically I have this line: myvar=$(echo -e "a\tb") Now somehow the '\t' from the echo output gets replaced with white space and then stored in $myvar. It creates a problem for me later to use tab as delimiter to do... (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: birddie
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8. Shell Programming and Scripting

Unable to assign command output to variable

Code set -x STATUS="0" echo $STATUS for i in `ls -ltr Report*|awk '{ print $9 }'` do if then flg = "`head -1 "$i" |cut -c 31-33`" echo `head -1 "$i" |cut -c 31-33` echo $flg if then echo "having Fun" STATUS="2" else echo "no Fun" fi fi (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: Funkeydude
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9. Shell Programming and Scripting

Assign variable name through loop

Hi As bash does not support multidimensional arrays (?), I need some help with a problem. What I want to do is to assign variable names containing a counter in a loop . what I want to do is basically something like this: #!/bin/bash for i in {1..8}; do var$i = "some command" done... (6 Replies)
Discussion started by: Tobbev
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10. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Need to get a loop variable from output of a command

Hi, I am trying to get a loop counter i and set its value as the ouput of a command: i=`printmo TEST1 | grep -i TEST2 | wc -l` Then I want to use i as counter to run a loop i number of times. Like if i gets a value of 5 I'll have to run loop 5 times. But will i here be a numeric... (3 Replies)
Discussion started by: pat_pramod
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BASHBUG(1)						      General Commands Manual							BASHBUG(1)

bashbug - report a bug in bash SYNOPSIS
bashbug [--version] [--help] [email-address] DESCRIPTION
bashbug is a shell script to help the user compose and mail bug reports concerning bash in a standard format. bashbug invokes the editor specified by the environment variable EDITOR on a temporary copy of the bug report format outline. The user must fill in the appropriate fields and exit the editor. bashbug then mails the completed report to, or email-address. If the report cannot be mailed, it is saved in the file dead.bashbug in the invoking user's home directory. The bug report format outline consists of several sections. The first section provides information about the machine, operating system, the bash version, and the compilation environment. The second section should be filled in with a description of the bug. The third sec- tion should be a description of how to reproduce the bug. The optional fourth section is for a proposed fix. Fixes are encouraged. ENVIRONMENT
bashbug will utilize the following environment variables if they exist: EDITOR Specifies the preferred editor. If EDITOR is not set, bashbug defaults to emacs. HOME Directory in which the failed bug report is saved if the mail fails. TMPDIR Directory in which to create temporary files and directories. SEE ALSO
bash(1) AUTHORS
Brian Fox, Free Software Foundation Chet Ramey, Case Western Reserve University GNU Bash-4.0 1998 July 30 BASHBUG(1)

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