"Forum Feedback: Locked and Solved Threads"

Post #303032695 by stomp on Friday 22nd of March 2019 04:42:34 AM

Forum Feedback: Locked and Solved Threads


Notice in advance: When I report any feedback about the forum, I make sure that I use Google Chrome(supported browser) and check the issue there.

I shortly read the comment of RudiC that the Thread turns light blue, when it is solved. I never realized that this is the visible sign of a solved thread. It seems not very intuitive to me. I would appreciate if there's a more easy understandable mark. Maybe a changed icon for the thread (hook-icon?) in the thread list.

The same for locked threads. They are not displayed visually at all. Maybe a lock-icon in the thread list helps to recognize closed threads.

Thanks for considering.



I realize a lock icon came later now on a now locked thread. Maybe it was a caching issue. So please ignore feedback #2.

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Portable Threads Abstraction Classes(3) 			       Coin				   Portable Threads Abstraction Classes(3)

Portable Threads Abstraction Classes - Classes class SbBarrier The SbBarrier class implements the 'barrier' multi-thread synchronization technique. A barrier is a synchronization mechanism that is used for blocking threads as they enter the barrier until a given number of threads are blocked, at which point all the threads are released again. " class SbCondVar A class for synchronizing access to global variables. Condition variables are used to protect global variables in an environment where multiple threads are running concurrently. " class SbFifo A class for managing a pointer first-in, first-out queue. class SbMutex A basic class for managing a mutex. This class provides a portable framework around the mutex interface of the underlying native thread-handling toolkit. " class SbThreadAutoLock Simple convenience class for locking access to a function. This class provides a simple convenience mechanism for automatically locking access to a function that is not re-entrant. " class SbRWMutex class SbStorage The SbStorage class manages thread-local memory. This class manages thread-local memory. When different threads access the memory an SbStorage object manages, they will receive different memory blocks back. " class SbTypedStorage< Type > The SbTypedStorage class manages generic thread-local memory. This class manages thread-local memory. When different threads access the memory an SbTypedStorage object manages, they will receive different memory blocks back. " class SbThread A class for managing threads. This class provides a portable framework around the tasks of instantiating, starting, stopping and joining threads. " Detailed Description Coin implements a set of abstractions over the native threads data types that can be portably used across all the platforms Coin has been ported to. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for Coin from the source code. Version 3.1.3 Wed May 23 2012 Portable Threads Abstraction Classes(3)

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