"Adding to an array in an external file, and adding elements to it."

Post #303032384 by ignatius on Friday 15th of March 2019 06:13:00 PM

This line right here:


It obviously isn't the array that needs to be called.

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wxListItem(3erl)					     Erlang Module Definition						  wxListItem(3erl)

wxListItem - See external documentation: wxListItem. DESCRIPTION
See external documentation: wxListItem . DATA TYPES
wxListItem() : An object reference, The representation is internal and can be changed without notice. It can't be used for comparsion stored on disc or distributed for use on other nodes. EXPORTS
new() -> wxListItem() See external documentation . new(Item::wxListItem()) -> wxListItem() See external documentation . clear(This::wxListItem()) -> ok See external documentation . getAlign(This::wxListItem()) -> WxListColumnFormat Types WxListColumnFormat = integer() See external documentation . WxListColumnFormat is one of ?wxLIST_FORMAT_LEFT | ?wxLIST_FORMAT_RIGHT | ?wxLIST_FORMAT_CENTRE | ?wxLIST_FORMAT_CENTER getBackgroundColour(This::wxListItem()) -> colour() (see module wx) See external documentation . getColumn(This::wxListItem()) -> integer() See external documentation . getFont(This::wxListItem()) -> wxFont() (see module wxFont) See external documentation . getId(This::wxListItem()) -> integer() See external documentation . getImage(This::wxListItem()) -> integer() See external documentation . getMask(This::wxListItem()) -> integer() See external documentation . getState(This::wxListItem()) -> integer() See external documentation . getText(This::wxListItem()) -> string() See external documentation . getTextColour(This::wxListItem()) -> colour() (see module wx) See external documentation . getWidth(This::wxListItem()) -> integer() See external documentation . setAlign(This::wxListItem(), Align::WxListColumnFormat) -> ok Types WxListColumnFormat = integer() See external documentation . WxListColumnFormat is one of ?wxLIST_FORMAT_LEFT | ?wxLIST_FORMAT_RIGHT | ?wxLIST_FORMAT_CENTRE | ?wxLIST_FORMAT_CENTER setBackgroundColour(This::wxListItem(), ColBack::colour() (see module wx)) -> ok See external documentation . setColumn(This::wxListItem(), Col::integer()) -> ok See external documentation . setFont(This::wxListItem(), Font::wxFont() (see module wxFont)) -> ok See external documentation . setId(This::wxListItem(), Id::integer()) -> ok See external documentation . setImage(This::wxListItem(), Image::integer()) -> ok See external documentation . setMask(This::wxListItem(), Mask::integer()) -> ok See external documentation . setState(This::wxListItem(), State::integer()) -> ok See external documentation . setStateMask(This::wxListItem(), StateMask::integer()) -> ok See external documentation . setText(This::wxListItem(), Text::string()) -> ok See external documentation . setTextColour(This::wxListItem(), ColText::colour() (see module wx)) -> ok See external documentation . setWidth(This::wxListItem(), Width::integer()) -> ok See external documentation . destroy(This::wxListItem()) -> ok Destroys this object, do not use object again AUTHORS
<> wxErlang 0.98.9 wxListItem(3erl)

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