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awk '/<TABLE/ {CNT++; if (CNT == 2) P = 1}; P; /<\/TABLE/ {P = 0}' file

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SQL::Translator::Producer::HTML(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		      SQL::Translator::Producer::HTML(3pm)

SQL::Translator::Producer::HTML - HTML producer for SQL::Translator SYNOPSIS
use SQL::Translator::Producer::HTML; DESCRIPTION
Creates an HTML document describing the tables. The HTML produced is composed of a number of tables: Links A link table sits at the top of the output, and contains anchored links to elements in the rest of the document. If the nolinktable producer arg is present, then this table is not produced. Tables Each table in the schema has its own HTML table. The top row is a row of <th> elements, with a class of FieldHeader; these elements are Field Name, Data Type, Size, Default Value, Other and Foreign Key. Each successive row describes one field in the table, and has a class of FieldCell$item, where $item id corresponds to the label of the column. For example: <tr> <td class="FieldCellName"><a name="random-id">id</a></td> <td class="FieldCellType">int</td> <td class="FieldCellSize">11</td> <td class="FieldCellDefault"></td> <td class="FieldCellOther">PRIMARY KEY, NOT NULL</td> <td class="FieldCellFK"></td> </tr> <tr> <td class="FieldCellName"><a name="random-foo">foo</a></td> <td class="FieldCellType">varchar</td> <td class="FieldCellSize">255</td> <td class="FieldCellDefault"></td> <td class="FieldCellOther">NOT NULL</td> <td class="FieldCellFK"></td> </tr> <tr> <td class="FieldCellName"><a name="random-updated">updated</a></td> <td class="FieldCellType">timestamp</td> <td class="FieldCellSize">0</td> <td class="FieldCellDefault"></td> <td class="FieldCellOther"></td> <td class="FieldCellFK"></td> </tr> Unless the nowrap producer arg is present, the HTML will be enclosed in a basic HTML header and footer. If the pretty producer arg is present, the generated HTML will be nicely spaced and human-readable. Otherwise, it will have very little insignificant whitespace and be generally smaller. AUTHORS
Ken Youens-Clark <kclark@cpan.org>, Darren Chamberlain <darren@cpan.org>. perl v5.14.2 2012-01-18 SQL::Translator::Producer::HTML(3pm)

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