"issue AIX MPIO path closed"

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Full Discussion: issue AIX MPIO path closed
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issue AIX MPIO path closed

I have encountered the issue on my AIX 6.1. As you can see below, the hdisk1 & hdisk8 are not recognized by the system

[root@xxx] / > lspv
hdisk0          00fa6d1288c820aa                    rootvg          active
hdisk1          00fa6d1288c8213c                    None
hdisk2          00c1cc14d6de272b                    vg_3            active
hdisk3          00c1cc14d6de27e5                    vg_3            active
hdisk4          00c1cc14d6de2898                    vg_3            active
hdisk5          00c1cc14d6de2958                    vg_3            active
hdisk6          00c1cc14d6de2a07                    vg_3            active
hdisk7          00c1cc14716beb5c                    vg_3            active
hdisk8          00c1cc14816d37d0                    None
hdisk9          00c1cc14816d38a0                    vg_3            active
hdisk10         00c1cc14816d396c                    vg_3            active
hdisk11         00c1cc14716beb98                    vg_3            active
hdisk12         00c1cc14716bebd9                    vg_3            active

Futher checking on MPIO, I can see that the path(fcs0, fcs1, fcs3) for hdisk1 & hdisk8 are closed while for another hdisks are still working.

[root@xxx] / > lsmpio
name     path_id  status   path_status  parent  connection

hdisk0   0        Enabled  Pas          fscsi0  201600a0b86e87a4,0
hdisk0   1        Enabled  Pas          fscsi1  202600a0b86e87a4,0
hdisk0   3        Enabled  Sel,Act      fscsi3  202700a0b86e87a4,0
hdisk1   0        Enabled  Clo          fscsi0  201600a0b86e87a4,1000000000000
hdisk1   1        Enabled  Clo          fscsi1  202600a0b86e87a4,1000000000000
hdisk1   3        Enabled  Clo          fscsi3  202700a0b86e87a4,1000000000000
hdisk2   0        Enabled  Pas          fscsi0  201600a0b86e87a4,2000000000000
hdisk2   1        Enabled  Pas          fscsi1  202600a0b86e87a4,2000000000000
hdisk2   3        Enabled  Sel,Act      fscsi3  202700a0b86e87a4,2000000000000
hdisk3   0        Enabled  Pas          fscsi0  201600a0b86e87a4,3000000000000
hdisk3   1        Enabled  Pas          fscsi1  202600a0b86e87a4,3000000000000
hdisk3   3        Enabled  Sel,Act      fscsi3  202700a0b86e87a4,3000000000000
hdisk4   0        Enabled  Pas          fscsi0  201600a0b86e87a4,4000000000000
hdisk4   1        Enabled  Pas          fscsi1  202600a0b86e87a4,4000000000000
hdisk4   3        Enabled  Sel,Act      fscsi3  202700a0b86e87a4,4000000000000
hdisk5   0        Enabled  Pas          fscsi0  201600a0b86e87a4,5000000000000
hdisk5   1        Enabled  Pas          fscsi1  202600a0b86e87a4,5000000000000
hdisk5   3        Enabled  Sel,Act      fscsi3  202700a0b86e87a4,5000000000000
hdisk6   0        Enabled  Pas          fscsi0  201600a0b86e87a4,6000000000000
hdisk6   1        Enabled  Pas          fscsi1  202600a0b86e87a4,6000000000000
hdisk6   3        Enabled  Sel,Act      fscsi3  202700a0b86e87a4,6000000000000
hdisk7   0        Enabled  Pas          fscsi0  201600a0b86e87a4,7000000000000
hdisk7   1        Enabled  Pas          fscsi1  202600a0b86e87a4,7000000000000
hdisk7   3        Enabled  Sel,Act      fscsi3  202700a0b86e87a4,7000000000000
hdisk8   0        Enabled  Clo          fscsi0  201600a0b86e87a4,8000000000000
hdisk8   1        Enabled  Clo          fscsi1  202600a0b86e87a4,8000000000000
hdisk8   2        Enabled  Clo          fscsi3  202700a0b86e87a4,8000000000000
hdisk9   0        Enabled  Sel,Act      fscsi0  201600a0b86e87a4,9000000000000
hdisk9   1        Enabled  Act          fscsi1  202600a0b86e87a4,9000000000000
hdisk9   3        Enabled  Pas          fscsi3  202700a0b86e87a4,9000000000000
hdisk10  0        Enabled  Sel,Act      fscsi0  201600a0b86e87a4,a000000000000
hdisk10  1        Enabled  Act          fscsi1  202600a0b86e87a4,a000000000000
hdisk10  3        Enabled  Pas          fscsi3  202700a0b86e87a4,a000000000000
hdisk11  0        Enabled  Pas          fscsi0  201600a0b86e87a4,b000000000000
hdisk11  1        Enabled  Pas          fscsi1  202600a0b86e87a4,b000000000000
hdisk11  3        Enabled  Sel,Act      fscsi3  202700a0b86e87a4,b000000000000
hdisk12  0        Enabled  Pas          fscsi0  201600a0b86e87a4,c000000000000
hdisk12  1        Enabled  Pas          fscsi1  202600a0b86e87a4,c000000000000
hdisk12  3        Enabled  Sel,Act      fscsi3  202700a0b86e87a4,c000000000000

Can someone advise how to do and is there a way to manually change the state of the paths?