"BMW GT1 DIS - SCO 5.0 and Oracle 7 Root HDD Clone - IBM T30"

Post #303032112 by bmw635 on Monday 11th of March 2019 09:16:55 PM

Originally Posted by RudiC
You could try to boot from another medium, "live" CD, or USB stick.
You could perform a "discectomy" (surgically remove) the HD and connect it as a secondary device to another computer, and do the copy there.
This is what i was also thinking i.e boot a Ubuntu 16.04LTS USB stick on another laptop computer with both drives connected ( current T30 IDE 60GB and new IDE Drive ).

I assume you must used same controller type i.e IDE on the other computer and not USB slots with old and drive attached ? or does it matter. ? I have a HP laptop with 4 usb port. ( I will get some enclosures and cables to house this IDE HDD)

I will give this a go if its possible using Ubuntu DD cmd to disc copy the SCO 5.0.5/Oracle 7 HDD.

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clkao made the food required to write this module VERSION CONTROL
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