"Add column and multiply its result to all elements of another column"

Post #303032064 by RudiC on Sunday 10th of March 2019 04:12:52 PM

Please create your specifications with DUE care, and become way more precise, detailed, and consistent. No moving targets, esp. in one single post. Stop making people guess.

Why are the two "required outputs" different?

What is mss?? What bc0??
What is the contents of RLCAP.txt?
How come the first four lines have a constant fourth field?
How do they match the formula given: Sum of $2*6.3/100 etc.? What "Sum"?
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PDOStatement::fetchColumn - Returns a single column from the next row of a result set

public mixed PDOStatement::fetchColumn ([int $column_number]) DESCRIPTION
Returns a single column from the next row of a result set or FALSE if there are no more rows. Note PDOStatement.fetchColumn(3) should not be used to retrieve boolean columns, as it is impossible to distinguish a value of FALSE from there being no more rows to retrieve. Use PDOStatement.fetch(3) instead. PARAMETERS
o $column_number - 0-indexed number of the column you wish to retrieve from the row. If no value is supplied, PDOStatement.fetchColumn(3) fetches the first column. RETURN VALUES
PDOStatement.fetchColumn(3) returns a single column in the next row of a result set. Warning There is no way to return another column from the same row if you use PDOStatement.fetchColumn(3) to retrieve data. EXAMPLES
Example #1 Return first column of the next row <?php $sth = $dbh->prepare("SELECT name, colour FROM fruit"); $sth->execute(); print("Fetch the first column from the first row in the result set: "); $result = $sth->fetchColumn(); print("name = $result "); print("Fetch the second column from the second row in the result set: "); $result = $sth->fetchColumn(1); print("colour = $result "); ?> The above example will output: Fetch the first column from the first row in the result set: name = lemon Fetch the second column from the second row in the result set: colour = red SEE ALSO
PDO.query(3), PDOStatement.fetch(3), PDOStatement.fetchAll(3), PDO.prepare(3), PDOStatement.setFetchMode(3). PHP Documentation Group PDOSTATEMENT.FETCHCOLUMN(3)

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