"Create new folder and text file the same time in one line"

Post #303031944 by RudiC on Friday 8th of March 2019 03:28:03 AM

The pipeline | is for conveying one process' stdout to another process' stdin. Neither does mkdir print anything to stdout, nor does echo read from stdin. So - above pipe is pointless. Try
mkdir -p folder && echo "hello test"> folder/test.txt

echo only if mkdir succeeds.
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folder(1mh)															       folder(1mh)

       folder - set folder or display current folder name

       folder [ +folder ] [ msg ] [ options ]

       The command lets you set the current folder, or display information about it.  It can also be used to manage the folder stack.

       If  you	use  the command without a +folder argument, information about the current folder is displayed on the screen.  If you use with the
       +folder argument, the named folder is set to be the current folder.  Information about the named folder is also displayed on the screen.

       If you use with the msg argument, it will set the specified message to be current.  Information on the current folder  is  also	displayed.
       You can use both the +folder and msg arguments together in one command.

       If  you	specify  a +folder that does not exist, you are asked whether you want to create it.  This is a good way to create an empty folder
       for later use.

       The display is identical whether you set the folder or display the contents of the current folder.  The following example shows the type of
       display	that  is  produced.  The display lists the current folder, the number of messages in it, the range of the messages (low-high), and
       the current message within the folder.  It also flags extra files if they exist.
			inbox+ has   16 messages (   3-  22); cur=  15.

       -all	 Displays information on all the folders in your Mail directory.  The folders are listed alphabetically, with a line  of  informa-
		 tion given for each folder.  This is identical to the display produced by the command.  See

       -nofast	 Lists only the name of the current folder, with no additional information.  This is faster because the folders need not be read.

       -noheader Displays a header produced by the system, in addition to the information about the current file.  This header is identical to the
		 one that appears at the top of the listing produced by or by The header can be suppressed by using the -noheader option.

       -help	 Prints a list of the valid options to this command.

       -nolist	 Lists the contents of the folder-stack.  No +folder argument is allowed with this option.  The contents of the  folder-stack  are
		 listed automatically when the -pop or -push option is used.  This corresponds to the operation in the C-shell.

       -nopack	 Re-numbers  messages  in  the	folder.   Messages  are  re-numbered sequentially, and any gaps in the numbering are removed.  The
		 default operation is -nopack, which does not change the numbering in the folder.

       -pop	 Discards the top of the folder-stack, after setting the current folder to that value.	No +folder argument is allowed	with  this
		 option.  This corresponds to the operation in the C-shell; see The -push and -pop options are mutually exclusive: the last occur-
		 rence of either one overrides any previous occurrence of the other.

       -push	 Pushes the current folder onto the folder-stack, and makes the +folder argument into the  current  folder.   If  +folder  is  not
		 given,  the  current folder and the top of the folder-stack are exchanged.  This corresponds to the operation in the C-shell; see
		 The -push switch and the -pop switch are mutually exclusive: the last occurrence of either one overrides any previous	occurrence
		 of the other.

		 Lists	each folder recursively.  Information on the current folder is displayed, followed by information on any sub-folders which
		 it contains.

       -nototal  Displays only the total number of messages and folders in your Mail directory.  This option does not print any information  about
		 the current folder.  It can be suppressed using the -nototal option.

       The defaults for are:

	      +folder defaults to the current folder
	      msg defaults to none

       The following example shows how can be used to change the current folder to and display information on that folder.  The plus sign (+) next
       to indicates that it is now the current folder.
       % folder +test
			 test+ has    2 messages (   1-   2); cur=   2.

       The next example shows the display produced by using the -all option to
	 Folder      # of messages (  range  ); cur  msg  (other files)
	   V2.3  has	3 messages (   1-   3).
	 adrian  has   20 messages (   1-  20); cur=   2.
	  brian  has   16 messages (   1-  16).
	  chris  has   12 messages (   1-  12).
	copylog  has  242 messages (   1- 242); cur= 225.
	  inbox+ has   73 messages (   1- 127); cur= 127.
	    int  has	4 messages (   1-   4); cur=   2  (others).
	   jack  has   17 messages (   1-  17); cur=  17.

		    TOTAL= 387 messages in 8 folders.

       This display is identical to that produced by the command.  See for an explanation of this display.

       The next example shows how to use to create an empty folder:
       % folder +test
       Create folder "$HOME/Mail/test"? y
		 test+ has no messages.

       You can also use to create an empty sub-folder within an existing folder.  The following example shows how you can create a  sub-folder	in
       the folder
       % folder +test/testtwo
       Create folder "$HOME/Mail/test/testwo"? y
		 test/testtwo+ has no messages.
       See for more details of sub-folders.

       The user profile.

Profile Components
       Path:		 To determine your MH directory
       Current-Folder:	 To find the default current folder
       Folder-Protect:	 To set mode when creating a new folder
       Folder-Stack:	 To determine the folder stack
       lsproc:		 Program to list the contents of a folder

See Also
       csh(1), refile(1mh), mhpath(1mh)


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