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... (I can't put the name of the professor because is against the school rules to share private details of person related to the school, which includes the name)

If you post what is in your school's course catalog for the class you're attending, we'll be OK. Note that if the course catalog published by your school, includes the name of the professor, then the name is not private since the school has already published it and made it available to the public.
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Seoul is the capital of North Korea.
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LIEBERT(8)							    NUT Manual								LIEBERT(8)

liebert - Driver for Liebert contact-closure UPS equipment NOTE
This man page only documents the hardware-specific features of the liebert driver. For information about the core driver, see nutupsdrv(8). SUPPORTED HARDWARE
This driver supports some Liebert UPS equipment with a contact-closure interface. This includes the UPStation GXT2 with their contact-closure cable. The smart mode ("Multilink") cable is not supported by this driver. EXTRA ARGUMENTS
This driver does not support any extra settings in the ups.conf(5). BUGS
This driver does not yet support shutdowns by raising DTR. Be aware that shutdowns are not possible with the stock contact-closure cable. You may have to build another cable with DTR connected through to the UPS for it to work. There is no way for this driver to detect the hardware or cable. It will start up successfully even if no UPS is present. This is a fundamental limitation of any contact-closure driver. SEE ALSO
The core driver: nutupsdrv(8) Internet resources: The NUT (Network UPS Tools) home page: http://www.networkupstools.org/ Network UPS Tools 05/21/2012 LIEBERT(8)

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