"Need help changing a makefile to static linking"

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Need help changing a makefile to static linking

Hi all,

I'm having a hard time compiling a plugin (softhddevice) for the video disk recorder software (vdr). Unfortunately the last official version of the plugin was published back in 2013 and even worse it has to be compiled against ffmpeg. The last working version of ffmpeg was 2.8.x, patches should make it work with 3.5.x (if you can find them). It's definitely not working with ffmpeg 4.x
So my thought was to forget about all the trouble with different versions and compile the plugin against a static built and working version of ffmpeg.
That was the quickly found plan, but the implementation is more than difficult if you are not used to deal with makefiles.
I tried to copy parts of the makefile(s) of tvheadend (which btw does exactly what I have in mind) that simply adds the .a files to the linking command. But without success. I know that there's the possibility to tell pck-config to use static libraries, but I have no glue where exactly in the makefile I have to insert this command and how I can force pkg-config to search within the ffmpeg directory.
I hope someone can push me in the right direction.
Thanks in advance

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MAKE(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   MAKE(1)

make - a program for maintaining large programs SYNOPSIS
make [-f file] [-iknpqrst] [option] ... [target] OPTIONS
-f Use file as the makefile -i Ignore status returned by commands -k On error, skip to next command -n Report, but do not execute -p Print macros and targets -q Question up-to-dateness of target -r Rule inhibit; do not use default rules -s Silent mode -t Touch files instead of making them EXAMPLES
make kernel # Make kernel up to date make -n -f mfile # Tell what needs to be done DESCRIPTION
Make is a program that is normally used for developing large programs consisting of multiple files. It keeps track of which object files depend on which source and header files. When called, it does the minimum amount of recompilation to bring the target file up to date. The file dependencies are expected in makefile or Makefile , unless another file is specified with -f. Make has some default rules built in, for example, it knows how to make .s files from .c files. Here is a sample makefile . d=/user/ast # d is a macro program: head.s tail.s# program depends on these cc -o program head.s tail.s# tells how to make program echo Program done. # announce completion head.s: $d/def.h head.c # head.s depends on these tail.s: $d/var.h tail.c # tail.s depends on these A complete description of make would require too much space here. Many books on UNIX discuss make . Study the numerous Makefiles in the MINIX source tree for examples. SEE ALSO
cc(1). MAKE(1)

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