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Full Discussion: Ip change SCO UNIX
Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Ip change SCO UNIX Post 303030949 by jim mcnamara on Tuesday 19th of February 2019 04:36:24 PM
Old 02-19-2019
Changed the title to get SCO help, not all of us know the system very well.
This User Gave Thanks to jim mcnamara For This Post:

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SCO TCP/IP runtime System for SCO Unix

Hi everyone i have a question for all of you. It may be basic or it may be a good one. I recently aquired a copy of "SCO TCP/IP runtime System for SCO Unix" (thats what the disks say) and for the life of me i can not get it to load. i have tried opening the disk in linux and it can not determine... (0 Replies)
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pswd change on sco GUI login

Can i change the password on the SCO GUI interface login page and if so how? When I try to login it just goes right back to the login screen. If anyone has any suggestions, please reply. :confused: (3 Replies)
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Unix Sco Open Server, Windows Computers Problem Access Unix Shared Files Help!!!!!

Hello Moto I hope someone can help We's here at work, have a unix box with sco openserver 5 on it, so it has a nice gui interface.. and also a fair few windows computers.. a system admin guy b4 me, has set up a user called neil, which can, when u try to access the unix box using windows... (2 Replies)
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unix system v release 3.2 (sco-unix?)

another unix printing issue. our client based pc's used to print some form's to our hp printer. as of the moment they can not print. i have checked & did the ff: #lpstat -r (scheduler is running) i dunno if i need to restart the whole unix box via shutdown or just checking at... (15 Replies)
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load sco xenix and sco unix binary ?

Hi I have some sco xenix object, bin and archive files that operate in sco unix 5.0.7. I know that sco unix kernel can support sco xenix binary. I want to know how can I link xenix and unix archives together? (0 Replies)
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change NetBIOS name of SCO 5.0.6

hi Howto change NetBIOS name of SCO 5.0.6? Is it enough just to edit /etc/hosts file? (1 Reply)
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Change SCO - GUI or Desktop interface to DOS based interface

Hi all I have installed a demo version of SCO OpenServer 5.0.2, I finally found it is Desktop Interface, I would like to know how to change its interface to dos based interface? If you have any ideas, please tell me then. Thank you (2 Replies)
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Change Disk controller in SCO 6.0.0

So today I tried to upgrade a customer from a Proliant with an HPSAS controller to an Intel server with a MEGASAS controller. First, I downloaded the megasas driver from SCO and installed it on the old system. Then I created a new Microlite Edge emergency boot cd with the new driver on it. I... (2 Replies)
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Error UNIX: UNIX SCO release 5.05 system does not boot

UNIX sco release 5.05 system does not boot:cannot open device hd(40)/boot stage 1 boot failure: error loading hd(40)/bootWhat to do? (2 Replies)
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