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"Seen Windows pc, having all the features of Linux, could exe, read and edit save like windows"

Post #303030473 by Corona688 on Monday 11th of February 2019 10:53:28 AM

To make this clear, UNIX/Linux are not FreeWindowsWithLessBugs(tm). If you look at the ways they differ from Windows and think, "I can use that feature to solve problems," then maybe Linux is for you.

The difference is as much in philosophy as anything. Windows provides the bare minimum of features and expects you to buy upgrades and proprietary programs to make up the difference. Linux has most features available by default, more robustly and with more options, with a less polished interface,

Creating disk images in Windows: Feature removed in 199x when it stopped being DOS, so dish out the moolah for a proprietary implementation.
Creating disk images in UNIX: Disks are literally files, so any command-line utility capable of reading files can deal with disks. Nonetheless there's a variety of tools. It's a bad idea to use them while the partition's being written to, but we can't stop you.

Burning CDROM images in Windows: We added this feature 20 years too late and nobody cares any more.
Burning CDROM images in UNIX: A flagship feature since 1996.


GUI-wise, Linux/Unix seem to be trying hard to imitate Windows these days. But the GUI is only skin-deep, not deeply integrated.

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IPTABLES-SAVE(8)						  iptables 1.6.1						  IPTABLES-SAVE(8)

iptables-save -- dump iptables rules to stdout ip6tables-save -- dump iptables rules to stdout
iptables-save [-M modprobe] [-c] [-t table] ip6tables-save [-M modprobe] [-c] [-t table]
iptables-save and ip6tables-save are used to dump the contents of IP or IPv6 Table in easily parseable format to STDOUT. Use I/O-redirect- ion provided by your shell to write to a file. -M, --modprobe modprobe_program Specify the path to the modprobe program. By default, iptables-save will inspect /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe to determine the exe- cutable's path. -c, --counters include the current values of all packet and byte counters in the output -t, --table tablename restrict output to only one table. If not specified, output includes all available tables.
None known as of iptables-1.2.1 release
Harald Welte <> Rusty Russell <> Andras Kis-Szabo <> contributed ip6tables-save.
iptables-apply(8),iptables-restore(8), iptables(8) The iptables-HOWTO, which details more iptables usage, the NAT-HOWTO, which details NAT, and the netfilter-hacking-HOWTO which details the internals. iptables 1.6.1 IPTABLES-SAVE(8)

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