"Split large xml into mutiple files and with header and footer in file"

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Hi Karthik,
PLEASE pay attention to what you are doing! There cannot be a <space> between the name of a shell variable and the <equals-sign> that follows it if you are trying to assign a value to that variable. This has been said several times in this thread and yet you still write that you want the result to be:
 NEW_VAR ='30544,30545,30546'

which, as stated before tells the shell to run a utility named NEW_VAR with one operand that is the string =30544,30545,30546 and note that that operand does not contain the <single-quote> characters that will be removed by the shell as it prepares the arguments to be passed to the NEW_VAR utility when it is invoked.

Note also that you have not told us what operating system you're using. With a sample file that is 8,157 bytes long and contains only a single line, that is not a text file on many BSD, Linux, and UNIX systems and the awk, sed, and most other standard text processing utilities have undefined behavior if the input files being processed are not text files.

Note also that you say that the output to be produced from your sample input should have three numbers (Job IDs) in the output, but there are five Job IDs in the sample input? Why shouldn't all five values be extracted from the XML file?

If we assume that the awk utility on your system can handle text files with unlimited line lengths, the following might do what you want:
NEW_VAR=$(awk -v sq="'" -F'<ns11:Job_Id>' '
		{	for(i = 2; i <= NF; i++) {
				sub(/<.*/, "", $i)
				printf("%s%s", cnt++ ? "," : sq, $i)
		END {	print sq
		}' file

printf 'NEW_VAR has been assigned the value: %s\n' "$NEW_VAR"

which, on macOS Mojave version 10.14.3, produces the output:
NEW_VAR has been assigned the value: '30544,30545,30546,30547,30548'

if the file named file contains the sample data you provided in post #22 in this thread.
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