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"Seen Windows pc, having all the features of Linux, could exe, read and edit save like windows"

Post #303030432 by jraju on Sunday 10th of February 2019 08:10:03 AM

Seen Windows pc, having all the features of Linux, could exe, read and edit save like windows

Hi, totally new to linux base using windows when started learning and using computers.
but i remember that one pc was there , look alike windows desktop, but could not do the task as windows just click and open and view edit etc. But, you could do a little differently even saving in and opening of gmails in the form of word documents etc.

What is this environment, that allows all the task with a little different mode in operation?

Normally we could access everything a little differently. Ihave not downloaded and used linux for windows, free to use

Is all the features are same between the two?

only the command line of accessing is different.

Could any one give a basic answer. Are all exe files could be opened in unix based windows?

Is the same directory, but with little different name exist in the two systems?
i will be happy to get the
can i use the ubuntu along with my windows 7 and can i learn basics after installing the os
which is the standard equivalent to windows 7 ultimate

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beav - binary file editor and viewer
beav [file...]
This is a brief description of the minimal set of commands that are necessary to start using beav effectively. For more information, review the file /usr/share/doc/beav/beav140.txt.gz. The file-visit command, Ctl-X Ctl-V, can be used to read a file in for editing. The file can also be read in from the command line; beav <edit_file>. Data is displayed in one or more windows. These commands can be used to navigate around the windows. move-back-char Ctl-B moves left move-back-line Ctl-P moves up move-forw-char Ctl-F moves right move-forw-line Ctl-N moves down window-delete Ctl-X 0 delete window window-expand Ctl-X 1 expand window The move-to-byte command, Ctl-X G, will prompt you for a byte position to move to. These commands will insert a zero byte at the cursor position or delete the byte at that position. insert-unit Ctl-X I delete-forw-unit Esc D The file-save command, Ctl-X Ctl-S, will save the data to the file if a change has been made. The help command, Esc ?, will display a list of all commands and their current key bindings. The abort-cmd command, Ctl-G, will abort any command that is in operation. The quit-no-save command, Ctl-X Ctl-C, will exit beav. If there is any data that has not been saved you will be warned.
/usr/share/doc/beav/beav140.txt.gz BEAV(1)

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