"CURL - Post Form Isssue ( sequel )"

Post #303029991 by Neo on Monday 4th of February 2019 07:37:20 AM

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Hi Fred13,

First of all, that Php symfony log file is not the PHP error log file.

Second, you need to do this command:

php  --version

and provide full system information, for example:
  • Operating system and version
  • Web server and version
  • Location of your PHP error log file and logging level.
  • You are still not providing basic system information.
  • You have not provided the PHP error log file.
  • You have not provided the PHP file on the server you are trying to access

If you want help, you must provide basic system information and the information I have requested.

So far you have not posted anything I requested, because the Php symfony log is not the PHP error log file I asked for.

We can't help you if you are going to keep everything a secret from us.

These kind of problems you have are not solved with curl() as I mentioned earlier. I develop on the web everday, full stack, very complex apps, and never use curl() to debug any web dev problem. Never.

On the client-side (browser), I use:
  • Chrome web dev tools (built into the Chrome browser)

On the server side I use logfiles, including:
  • The PHP error log file.
  • Custom logging in the script I am debugging.

We do not use curl() to debug web dev operations and no skilled web developer I know uses curl() to debug web dev ops..