"How do I add extra ZFS swap in Solaris 11.3?"

Post #303028601 by feroccimx on Friday 11th of January 2019 01:33:43 AM

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Hello Peasant,

Thank you for your troubleshoot.

System has 2 TB physical memory and several zones are being build on it. The 3 TB swap comes from a recommendation to have 1.5 times RAM. This gave relief to our system which experienced severe performance issues.

This is what I did in my undertanding:

zpool create -m none extra c0t6d0 c0t6d1 c0t6d2
zfs create -p -V 2900G extra/swap2
zfs set primarycache=metadata extra/swap2
swap -a /dev/zvol/dsk/extra/swap2
swap -l