"How do I add extra ZFS swap in Solaris 11.3?"

Post #303028598 by Peasant on Friday 11th of January 2019 12:38:17 AM

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Altho by default, solaris will create zvol under rpool for swap, one can use regular disk for it, a file or a zvol (3 options) from anywhere available.

Since your requirement is to have 3x1 TB of swap (??), i would go with disk backed devices.
Create a slice a on each disk, starting from 1st sector (not zero).
Add a swap device to configuration using swap -a <yourdisk><slice_number>
Modify the /etc/vfstab to have it after reboot.

Now you will have both ZVOL and new added disk listed under swap -l.
Remove the zvol via swap -d, the entry from /etc/vfstab, and using zfs command destroy the zvol.
The last operation might fail if swap is used (or has been used in past), then reboot will be required to remove it.

Question for you is, 3 TB of swap seems unreasonably high, why do you have requirement for such large swap space ?
Also, using fibre luns as swap could lead to terrible things to your infrastructure and storage, if you start using all that space...
How much memory do you have on that box ?

Hope that helps
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