"How do I add extra ZFS swap in Solaris 11.3?"

Post #303028592 by feroccimx on Thursday 10th of January 2019 06:57:04 PM

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How do I add extra ZFS swap in Solaris 11.3?


I have given 3 x 1 TB LUNs to add more swap space in a Solaris 11.3 OS

-bash-4.4# swap -l
swapfile                 dev            swaplo      blocks        free
/dev/zvol/dsk/rpool/swap 303,1              16     8388592     8388592
-bash-4.4# swap -s
total: 84780376k bytes allocated + 157031888k reserved = 241812264k used, 1495043920k available
-bash-4.4# zfs list | grep rpool/swap
rpool/swap                                           4.13G  33.1G  4.00G  -

Adding or Changing Swap Space in an Oracle Solaris ZFS Root Environment - Oracle Solaris 11.1 Administration: Devices and File Systems
Above Oracle Document states that you can expand your swap from rpool. However, there is not enough space in my rpool to do it.

Please your assistance as this is urgent matter.