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"Unable to search NFS Share"

Post #303027693 by hicksd8 on Friday 21st of December 2018 02:11:48 PM

Full Discussion: Unable to search NFS Share
@serano33.......please explain why, after joining this forum only one day ago, your only post is a (seemingly) off-topic question on a thread that you were not previously subscribed to?

Should you have created a new thread?
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nfs(5nfs)																 nfs(5nfs)

       nfs - Network File System

       The Network File System (NFS) is a specific file system implemented under the Generic File System Interface, as described in

       NFS  provides  support  for sharing ordinary files and directories in a multivendor networking environment.  The system administrator for a
       file server machine makes a file system available for remote access by placing the name of the file system to be shared in an export  list.
       The  administrator for a client machine can import a file system from any server machine that has granted access permission to the request-
       ing client machine.  A complete exported file system or any subtree of an exported file system can be imported by the client machine.  Once
       imported, users on the client machine can access files in the remote file system as though they were local files.

See Also
       getdirentries(2), getmnt(2), mount(2nfs), mount(2), exports(5nfs), fstab(5), gfsi(5), mount(8nfs), showmount(8nfs)


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