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Thank's Neo!

Hi Neo,

thank's for your work on the mobile theme. I like it to be able to have a look to this site on my mobile now and then. I know responsive-Design-Area is another rather complex field of IT, which can be very painful(I dive into CSS/JS/HTML/RESPONSIVE/... in some rare occasions too - not that easy). Just to let you know that.

Have a merry chistmas and a good new year! (All others too).

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GNOME-PHONE-MANAGER(1)						   User Commands					    GNOME-PHONE-MANAGER(1)

gnome-phone-manager - Manage your mobile phone USAGE
gnome-phone-manager [--identify <baddr>] [--config] [-d|--debug]] [--display=DISPLAY] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the gnome-phone-manager command. gnome-phone-manager is a program created to allow you to control aspects of your mobile phone from your GNOME 2 desktop. Current features include: - Runs in the background; indicates status on the panel notification area, - Display on-screen alert when text message (SMS) arrives, - Text message (SMS) sending facility, - Evolution Addressbook integration. OPTIONS
Help Options: -?, --help Show help options --help-all Show all help options --help-gtk Show GTK+ Options --help-gst Show GStreamer Options Application Options: --identify <bdaddr> Show model name of the device with Bluetooth address bdaddr. --config Write the configuration file for gnokii debugging -d, --debug Enable debug --display=DISPLAY X display to use SEE ALSO
Homepage: http://live.gnome.org/PhoneManager AUTHOR
gnome-phone-manager was written by Bastien Nocera <<hadess@hadess.net>> and Edd Dumbill <edd@usefullinc.com> This manual page was written by Francesco Namuri <francesco@namuri.it> for the Debian project (but may be used by others). Francesco Namuri July 2007 GNOME-PHONE-MANAGER(1)

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